We are sure all of you have watched season 3 Episode 3 of "Rick and Morty" and are pretty pumped up about what is to come. This particular episode, unlike the usual "Rick and Morty" routine, occurs on earth and no other dimension. And since its release, the show’s icon “Pickle Rick” has gone on to become an instant cultural icon. He’s everywhere, he’s in everything, and he’s probably even more famous and talked about than Rick Sanchez’s previous viral form “Tiny Rick”.

Why all the hype over a pickle, you ask? Because it is perhaps the most badass pickle of all time and space.

A concept that could easily pass off as a gag, it has manifested itself into an episode worth celebrating about in the years to come. Like we said earlier, Iconic is the word. Much praise to co-creators of the show Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. We can only imagine what brainstorming went behind this particular episode.

Enter Pickle Rick

To avoid the earthly shackles of being present at a mundane family counseling session, Rick Sanchez turns himself into a pickle. This seemingly uncomplicated remedy escalates to a whole new level when Beth decides to take the antidote with herself, knowing fairly well what it is.

In an attempt to survive and regain original form, Rick goes through a couple of jaw-droppingly awesome manifestations of his Pickle self.

He first begins with using a cockroach to help him move around, because, well, Pickles cannot move on their own. What follows is something of the likes of the Iron Man suit of armor, except, made from the remains of a freshly slaughtered sewer rat.

The bloodbath that is left behind as credentials by this form of pure destruction is a sight to behold.

Moving forth, Pickle Rick unknowingly and mistakenly enters the stronghold mansion of a deadly Russian Syndicate. Slaughtering his way to the exit while making friends with Jaguar, Pickle Rick is referred by the henchmen as Solenya.

Let’s dig deeper

In "Rick and Morty" Season 3 Episode 3, one term was utilized again and again: "Solenya" This was the term used to allude to Pickle Rick. What does it mean? Furthermore, does it mean anything in real life? You're about to find out.

In spite of the fact that the term is without a doubt genuine, Solenya itself isn't a genuine Russian myth. There's no Pickle Man. Most fans likely definitely realized that however wouldn't it be silly in the event that it had been?

A Pickle Man who comes after you since you discarded half of your sandwich.

That would be GRAND. Alright, perhaps it would be terrifying, all things considered. However, the idea is humorous. A snappy Google seek uncovers that Solenya does, without a doubt, signify "pickles" in Russian. There you have it.

The whole episode is a parody of 90s action movies, with Solenya (the concept of a legendary evil-doer) as a nod to the movie, the Usual Suspects. The ending of the episode (with Rick throwing a cigarette to start the fire) is the real giveaway to the homage.