A lifeguard saves a man from drowning; an elderly man feeds the homeless and a couple finds meth in a rental home and reports it to the police. These are examples of people being a Good Samaritan and doing the right thing, as a normal person would do.

However, would you believe these people were punished for doing so? For some twisted reason, they all got into trouble just for trying to be a decent human being.

Lifeguard rescued a man from drowning and gets fired

At Hallandale Beach, Florida, Lifeguard Tomas Lopez rushed to the sea when he learned that a man was drowning and was able to rescue the man’s life.

However, instead of being hailed as a hero, Lopez was fired instead.

Apparently, the drowning man was well outside the jurisdiction of the lifeguard and according to company policy, anyone drowning outside its jurisdiction should be left to die.

Six lifeguards of the same company stood up for Lopez and said that they would have done the same thing. All six lifeguards were fired as well. Go figure. Nevertheless, according to CBS News, he was later honored by city officials for his actions.

An elderly man arrested for feeding the homeless

90-year-old Arnold Abbott has been feeding the homeless on Fort Lauderdale beach, with the help of two Christian ministers, for quite some time.

However, a new ordinance was introduced and made it illegal to feed homeless people within 500 feet of a residential area.

People in the area have been complaining about the “foul smell” homeless people brought with them.

Abbott was arrested and was slapped with a $500 fine, but this didn’t discourage him from doing the right thing. He still feeds the homeless and promised to keep doing so as long as he is still alive, CNN reported.

A couple found meth in a rental home and were arrested

Michael and Channel Keeley are the landlords of a rental home where a previous tenant was arrested for possession of illegal narcotics. After the arrest, the couple went to the rental home and began cleaning it for preparation for the next tenants.

While cleaning, the couple discovered eight bags of suspected drugs inside the walls and immediately reported it to the police.

However, police authorities became suspicious of the couple and thought that the whole thing was just a ploy.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the couple was arrested for “tampering with evidence” and the police even threatened to take their 9-year-old son to child services. Michael and Channel spent two days in jail and posted $10,000 for bail. The charges were eventually dropped but the experience left the couple reluctant to call the police ever again.