Sometimes trying to stay healthy can be a difficult thing to do. We stick to Common rituals that we believe prevent any health issues without knowing the actual effects it brings to our body. These beliefs are usually heard about from mass media such as advertisers, while some are taught to us by friends and families.

With that said, here are some of the things you commonly do to stay healthy but are actually hurting your health.

Using hand sanitizers frequently

Hand sanitizers are marketed as one of the best ways to keep off harmful germs. Some people use hand sanitizers more than others, and the more you use this product, the more harmful it becomes for your body.

At the very least, using hand sanitizers frequently dries out the skin that causes wrinkles because of certain chemicals it contains. Moreover, a World Health Organization report revealed that frequent use of these products has created bacteria that are becoming immune to antibiotics.

There may come a time that using hand sanitizers become obsolete as viruses grow more resistant to the product.

It’s unhealthy if all you eat is fish

Eating fish is a great source of protein and a lot healthier than eating meat. However, it can be dangerous to your health if you eat fish exclusively.

Some types of fish contain a high amount of mercury that can be poisonous if consumed in high concentrations. Types of fish such as king mackerel and swordfish are known to contain a high volume of it.

In addition, other toxins found in some fish like dioxins, are linked to some cases of cancer and several reproductive problems.

If you love eating fish, it’s highly recommended that you consume fish that contains mercury only once a week.

Eating margarine instead of butter

Margarine was supposed to be the healthier alternative to eating butter when it was introduced to the public and was initially recommended by nutritionists.

The butter’s high levels of saturated fat were known to be the cause of Heart Diseases.

However, researchers later found out that margarine contains high levels of trans fats that are way more likely to cause a heart disease. Consuming margarine raises the levels of bad cholesterol in our body while it lowers the good ones. Even with this discovery, people still continue to prefer margarine over butter.

The best alternative to margarine or butter is to use vegetable oil-based spreads such as olive oil as it contains polyunsaturated fats that are actually good for the health.