Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip are returning for season five of “Fixer Upper” on HGTV later this year. She announced that they were filming the upcoming season already and they have plenty of exciting projects for fans to look forward to. Of course, interior design lovers enjoy watching the couple work together, as Chip restores and fixes run down homes. Then, Joanna Gaines puts her design expertise to good use to update these homes. But on the previous season, fans have also gotten a glimpse into their personal life with their children and their business ideas.

It sounds like this upcoming season will also include some personal projects, such as another bed-and-breakfast. On previous seasons, Joanna and Chip have opened up about some of their projects, including expanding the business.This included buying an old fixer-upper and showing the viewers that they had converted into a bed-and-breakfast. Their parents were the first ones to stay over at the bed-and-breakfast for a Christmas holiday, and it sounds like the idea was successful because they are doing it again.

A second business income source

This particular episode will be featured on an upcoming episode of “Fixer Upper” season 5. This was something she announced on social media. As for Chip and Joanna, it sounds like they're very proud of the interior design that has gone into creating this brand-new bed-and-breakfast.

Of course, Joanna has been sharing a few previews on her social media accounts. This particular bed-and-breakfast is indeed very modern and very chic.

One of the photos she shared on Instagram, the bathroom cupboards are dark gray, and there are some raw elements in the home, including exposed wood and even bookshelves that showcase a library feel.

This is something that could be a very comfortable place to stay, and it serves up some inspiration for people who are looking to rebuild our own homes.

Remodel will appear on the show

If you are indeed a “Fixer Upper” fan, you can look forward to watching Chip and Joanna take on this bed-and-breakfast soon, and watch them renovate it into a beautiful home.

For a sneak peek of what the new house looks like, head over to Joanna Gaines’ Instagram account where she announced the news just a few days ago.

What do you think about Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip converting yet another home into a bed-and-breakfast? Are you inspired by her designs and how elegant and chic they look?