Ikea is one of the first major companies to really use Instagram for something other than posting pictures of their products. IKEA has decided to use Instagram tools to create an online portal where people can get inspiration for decorating their homes. Unlike many other companies, IKEA doesn't necessarily want to focus on the products as such. Instead, the company uses their social media presence to show people how they can reorganize their home and get some amazing designs on a budget.

The before and after photos

One of the ways that IKEA focuses on showing people how they can design their homes and get plenty of storage in their small spaces is to do before and after pictures.

The before pictures are from people's apartments and their homes. These people share their spaces with IKEA, so they can get a makeover from the design experts.

The after pictures are then IKEA-designed spaces with the products you can get in the store. It's a great way to showcase the product, but also to get people’s creative juices flowing when it comes to Interior Design. There's no sense of urgency to buy in these ads and there's no call to action as such. IKEA merely encourages their followers to visit stores if they find inspiration in the before and after pictures or if they find something they like.

GIFs and videos

Another way IKEA uses Instagram is videos and GIFs. They have videos and GIFs, showing their design team in action on Instagram Live.

It is not always the same design team, but it is a group of IKEA employees, working to recreate spaces with the use of the company's products. It's a genius way to get people excited, but it also puts faces to the large Swedish brand. Going into an IKEA can seem overwhelming for some people and the layout can seem a bit impersonal because it is so large.

But the Instagram design team really does put a face – or several faces – to the brand.

This is something that truly elevates the IKEA brand to the next level, and something that people should get inspired by. Of course, there's no reason to replicate the exact formula, as replication and duplication never truly work in marketing.

However, it does show that it doesn't hurt to get personal on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and that putting faces to a large brand and doing before and after shots can truly help show customers how the products can best be implemented. It truly shows you how to get that perfect home using IKEA products.

What do you think about IKEA's way of marketing their products? Are you following them on Instagram? Are you excited and inspired by the work they do?