Many people love IKEA because it is affordable and because they can get a taste of the Scandinavian design into their lives. It is a cheaper alternative to get the self-assembly furniture from the furniture giant than head to Europe and import pieces yourself.

In the past, the company hasn't been known for bringing outside designers into their product creations. The company has a design team that works with both the graphics team and the merchandising team to create the best Scandinavian experience possible, according to Ikea’s website. However, it seems like it is something that the company is proud of doing, as there are several videos on their official social media channels about such collaborations.

But it sounds like the big furniture giant is opening up for a new concept. They want to collaborate with designers. This summer, the company revealed some brand-new textiles and products that have been designed in Collaboration with other Artists.

This is a brand-new approach for the company and it is an approach that could be quite the hit with people who are looking for something new and exciting.

Company is doing something new for artists

The good thing about this move is that IKEA is ahead of other companies by stepping up to the plate in terms of collaborations. This move allows artists to get their name in front of millions of people and the company gains a lot by being a first mover in this space.

While a number of collaborations may not be many, it sounds like IKEA is willing to work with artists to come up with designs that work for both parties. No word on what the company is actually looking for, but one can imagine that they are looking for designs and ideas that already speak to the target customers.

The fact that IKEA is taking such a huge chances also shows people that they're interested in both what the customers want and to keep the realm of artists and designers alive.

Can anyone be considered?

So, how can you be considered for such a huge collaboration? There is nothing on IKEA’s website that talks about how to be considered for a collaboration. It sounds like the company may reach out to designers they want to work with when they see something they like.

You may need a large portfolio of work to show the company that you are working as a serious artist as well.

What do you think about IKEA’s initiative to work with artists for their summer 2017 collections? Are you inspired by the company's decision to do collaborations?