The furniture giant Ikea is always working on new and creative ways to showcase new products and designs, and this Summer is no exception. If you going to a store today, you will see that IKEA still carries plenty of colors and designs that you can implement in your home.

For the summer products, IKEA has chosen to use the color Blue throughout many of their products. For example, under vases and decorations, IKEA has launched a whole new glassware line called Stockholm and it is completely blue. This is an awesome way to show what you can really do with a single color.

It is timeless and classic. IKEA even released a YouTube video where the company talks about the design and the creation of this new line.

It's an interesting new design that can bring parts of Scandinavia into the North American homes. The line is new to IKEA this year, and it is a beautiful and affordable line of vases and bowls. It does price a bit higher than their other bowls so people can expect to pay a bit more than usual.

More than just glassware

To celebrate the blue skies, the blue oceans, and the colors of summer, IKEA has chosen to design some of their items using this color. Of course, blue is a happy color and it is the color of positivity and the color choice goes beyond just glassware.

The company has also introduced a new couch design that consists entirely of pillows. This may not be something everyone wants in their house, as it is a statement piece, but it is definitely an interesting approach.

Blue is not for everyone

So, why is IKEA using the color blue for their designs for this year? The furniture giant could have used the color yellow as well, but that may have made the designs cliche since these colors are the company's brand colors and the colors of the Swedish flag.

The downside to such a simple design is that not everyone likes the color blue. Plus, these particular products are only offered in this color. Sometimes, the company will offer several color options for a single product, but they decided to just do the one color for this new Stockholm line.

This could be a turn off to people who don't enjoy this particular color.

It's not every home design that can use a bold bowl like this one. In addition, the pillow couch surely isn't everyone's cup of tea. While interesting, the couch may have a very limited audience.

What do you think about IKEA's decision to focus on the color blue predominately in their new products? Would you buy these products or go for something else?