Ever wonder why your co-worker, classmate, or friend always looks effortlessly put together and as a result, a tad more stylish than you? Contrary to popular belief, that they may be 'super humans' because they never seem to have 'those days' everyone else has, they are just as human as you and me. Everyone has days where nothing really works and the only solution is to just throw on whatever piece of clothing you can find and then run out the door. The bitter truth is, everyone has 'those days', but they make it through because, they're always well prepared.

Being Stylish doesn't mean owning an entire warehouse of clothes or spending tons of money on the latest trends. It involves developing Habits that makes, looking polished and confident a daily reality. With the help of a series of research I carried out, here are some habits to learn from stylish people.

The wear clothes that fit and flatter

Fitting into an insanely tights dress or pair of jeans, is not a good look on anybody. Stylish people know the importance of buying the right pair of jeans, fitted and stylish dresses and the confidence that comes with wearing a well tailored suit. They work with the mantra that "if it doesn't fit, then it has to go.

They always plan their outfits beforehand

Whether it's planning a week or a night before, the well dressed people you see out and about, always try to look that way. Planning your look beforehand gives you enough room to think, and combine several pieces to see what one works best for you.

They know simple looks require an 'elevated' piece

Ever wonder how some people can easily pull off simple combos, like t-shirt and leggings or a t-shirt and a jeans and make it incredibly chic? Although it's all about the fit, they always add a subtle piece to their outfit such as belt, choker, special earrings or even a luxurious bag.

Adding a precious looking accessory to your appearance can totally elevate the whole outfit.

They dress for the occasion

Well dressed people in a gathering, always know that there's a time and place for every outfit, and as a result, they always look polished for every event. You'd never catch them tugging their mini dress or skirt in a room full of conservative appearance.

If you're ever invited to a gathering, it's always a good idea to carry out background research into what is appropriate, before picking out your outfit.

They always organize their wardrobe

Crafting the perfect ensemble from a pile of clothes on the floor is not an easy feat for anyone. Stylish people know the importance of hanging up, folding up, or neatly putting away their clothes instead of throwing them all over the room.