Brad Pitt health questions are on the rise. The "Fight Club" star may be fighting some serious health issues these days according to recent reports. Pitt health concerns have become a big question for fans after a celebrity news site reported that Pitt was spotted sneaking into an infectious disease specialty center recently. Brad, (52), is said to have arrived before office hours for a very early morning appointment hoping to enter the building unnoticed.

Is Brad Pitt hiding a secret health issue?

Things did not go as Pitt had planned because the source claims that staff members were running late and Brad was left waiting outside the building.

The employee was hurrying to get to work and arrived at the gated parking lot a little later than usual. Using the key card to gain entrance the staff member was surprised when the gate opened and a man behind her rushed inside the gates, startling her enough to call for security.

Imagine her surprise to find the intruder was none other than celebrity Brad Pitt? Brad, on the other hand, received a scolding from the security guard on duty. Now the big question on Pitt's fans' minds today is what is going on with Brad's health? It is a well-known fact that Brad has been dealing with a lot of stress over the past few months following the news of his split from wife Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt divorce destroying his life?

Life has been more than a little stressful for Brad and Angie to say the least. Brad has been facing not only divorce, but accusations of drug and alcohol issues, and anger management issues not only with Angelina but his children also. The entire sad event looks as if it is taking a toll on Angelina as well.

The actress was recently spotted out appearing to look even more frail and frazzled than ever. Angie has been through the ringer when it comes to past health issues herself in the past undergoing a double mastectomy and hysterectomy.

It has recently been speculated that Brad Pitt is completelycrushed by the collapse of his marriage and family life, especially after recently reuniting with his children.

However, it has been reported by celebrity news sites that Brad's reunion with teenage son Maddox did not go well at all. Reports claim that Maddox hurled hateful words at his adoptive father, making it more than clear he was siding with his mother Angelina and at this time wants nothing to do with Brad.

If these reports prove true then the hurt and pain that Brad Pitt is facing is tremendous and could very well be affecting his health, and if the speculation that Brad is having problems with booze and drugs rings true, then Brad may be in some very serious health trouble.

Do you believe Brad Pitt could be suffering from a major medical problem?