Facebook has not conquered the world yet but with its current growth and continuous success, it is widely possible it becomes the tool that everyone can’t live without. Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has collaborated with various companies that allow online users to engage more with the app or the site and it is officially addicting.

Facebook tricks unveiled as it keeps on updating platform

Just recently, Facebook surpassed $500 billion in the market value following Amazon’s success. This makes a great impact on Mark Zuckerberg as his worth increased as well.

But if over a billion of people fancy the use of Facebook, a few others remain in the dark when it comes to its features and hacks, and how it is now changeable for the benefit of many. Example, you want to remove your existence on Facebook, that’s easily done. Go to Settings then go to General then go to Manage Account and then deactivate.

But if deactivation is too much, how about controlling what’s on your feed and wall instead? Like choosing the posts and ads that will appear in your news feed. This is basic but usually ignored.

If a Facebook friend does have posts that make you uncomfortable but you don’t have the guts to unfriend them, you have the option of unfollowing them. This way, the user can see less of the person’s shenanigans and not challenge the actual friendship.

On your PC, click the three dots that appear beside the news feed column and click “Edit Preferences” or you can proceed to the person’s profile, click “Following” tab and unfollow them.

Facebook advertisements and other settings

Unfortunately, the age of advertising did not just stop on televisions, it started appearing on powerful sites as well.

However, if you aim to view ads that only interest you, Facebook generated the advertising preferences for us. Go to Settings then ads.

The $500 billion site also allows a user to control posts on their wall by filtering tags. Anyone can still tag you anytime but they won’t instantly publicize it on your wall. It will remain with the other pending Facebook reviews unless you approve it on your timeline.

By applying this feature, you are in control of what your friends know about you. Just on social media though.

Another recent Facebook activity is the reorganization of common settings. Password changing is officially in the “Security and Login” tab while Legacy Contacts and account deactivation can be found in the “General” tab.

Facebook’s privacy settings are built for pages and owners that prefer to select their viewers rather than settling on instant public visibility.