Pets play an important role in ensuring the wellness of their owners. You'll notice that even children get benefits from them because these creatures tend to lower the anxiety of people according to a post on Huffington Post. How about for adults? They're known to alleviate stress and increase happiness in adults according to WebMD.

Dogs are family

You'll notice a spike in happiness within the household if you've got a dog. There are amazing things that happen if you've got a pup. You tend to play more which will eventually have a great effect on your mental attitude.

Also, you simply feel good about it so you don't feel as stress out as before.

They're a good source of happiness. If you need exercise, all you need to do is to get them up and running. They let you move around. The best part, you get to experience a connection with the animal.

Dogs help people deal with stress

In our every day lives as adults, the challenging part of our day is not in the household or apartment. We experience it in our workplace. The major benefit of having a pet is reducing stress in their owners so what if Dogs were allowed to roam free in our office space?

Bring Your Dog to Work Day is now a big thing. You can even see videos circulating on social media about companies bringing in and welcoming these furry babies into employee work stations.

It's a wonderful thing that some companies considered this and have implemented the Bring Your Dog to Work Day. How awesome is that?

According to, Tito's Vodka is a company that lets humans and dogs interact every day. Through this, it led to a campaign called Tito's Vodka For Dog People. The program even has a pet policy expert - Beth Bellanti is in charge of helping companies make a smooth transition into pet-friendly environments.

Having pets in the workplace gives you the following benefits:

1. Dogs are capable of calming people and improving their well-being.

Dogs have an unusual effect on workers. They exude playfulness and joy that it is quite contagious to people. It's a wonderful form of energy and having them around totally reduces stress.

2. Dogs help connect people and build relationships.

Bellanti says that there have been changes in the office. People are talking to each other better because of their pets. Stronger bonds are observed between co-workers. If someone is walking their dog or a puppy hovers around their desk, the Employees are bound to talk to each other.

There are a lot of reasons why dogs can be beneficial for employees as they seem to improve their productivity and overall well-being. Numerous organizations have introduced this pet policy and they're embracing this change! However, not all companies are ready, so if you'd be willing to talk to your boss or to someone in charge, go for it!