Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, fans of "Rick and Morty"! The most recent episode of the show, “The Wirly Dirly Conspiracy” was an absolute and literal ride on the Wirly Dirly for the fandom. The sheer amount of feels and creative abundance of the show and its steady and jaw-droppingly insane character development is easily noticeable and flawlessly executed.

The show has also managed to shut whatever haters it had with its recent episode. As more madness and unrevealed back stories are yet to be uncovered, the fandom is all set and excited more than ever to cruise through the rest of what is debatably the best season of "Rick and Morty" so far.

Of all the products and collaborations that have been done keeping the show and its characters in mind, some have stood out owing to the sheer creativity behind it and the fact of bringing in generic elements of the show and encompassing it within the functionality of that product. One such product is in the limelight in today’s article, and it is none other than the "Rick and Morty" Alarm.

Show me what you got!

The "Rick and Morty" Alarm is a forefront ready framework that will shout its lungs off to tell you about your up and coming gatherings and plans. You should simply set the time well in advance before your arrangement and the "Rick and Morty" Alarm will deal with the rest.

Modelled after the “Screaming Sun” in one of the habitable planets the Smith family visits in the season two finale, this alarm clock will make sure you’re up and about when you set it as a wake-up call.

It is sure to grab loads of attention as well.

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Mike, CEO of the Useless Duck Company, as of Late was lost in the realm of video games to the extent that he lost track of time. Let's admit it, who wouldn't? In the wake of accepting a notice on his mobile, he understood that he had forgotten about the time and was late to a critical meeting.

Being the Maker that he will be, he chose to develop a framework that would keep this from happening once more. And hence it was born.

To assemble this clever creation, Mike utilized a Windows Forms application that associates with an Arduino Uno. The Uno at that point triggers a stepper engine, which thus raises the shouting sun sign joined by a divine being horrendous hollering clamor that no one can overlook.

He also designed and 3D-printed the mechanism that raises the TV show character’s cut out.

Since this worked so well on his desktop, Mike has even built up a versatile application to enable him to get up in the morning. He briefly discusses his creation while jovially demonstrating it in the video he uploaded onto YouTube. The link to downloading the app is provided in the video as well. Seems like a handy and go-to app to add a fanatic and personalized touch to the old and boring alarm. Makes the tiresome and mundane job a little more fun. We totally recommend it.