Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) finally captures a white walker in the latest episode of “Game of Thrones” season 7 entitled “Death is the Enemy.” However, their conquest could not have been that successful if Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) had not arrived on time. Dany was very aggressive in her quest to help the trapped warriors, not knowing how powerful the Night King is.

Daenerys rode her largest dragon “Drogon” (named after Khal Drogo) and brought her two dragons “Rhaegal” (named after Rhaegar Targaryen) and “Viserion” (named after Viserys Targaryen).

As the hand of the Queen, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) tried to stop her but Dany was tired of just waiting for results and went to where Jon Snow and the rest were trapped by the White Walkers.

The Night King lured Daenerys and her dragons.

It was very much evident that the Night King was just luring Daenerys and her dragons in a trap. When Jon Snow and the rest of the team was trapped in the middle of the deadly Wights, the Night King was just observing them. It was obviously waiting for Dany to appear in the middle of the snowy ground in order to rescue her fellow living.

Daenerys was just responding to a call for help sent by Jon Snow through Gendry. Instead of listening to the advice of her counsel, Dany flew her way to go beyond the wall in hopes to save Jon Snow, Sir Jorah Mormont, and the rest.

When Dany arrived, her dragons immediately toasted the Wights circling the helpless warriors.

Viserion died and turned into a walker

The Night King ultimately knew that it was the perfect time to attack the dragons with his powerful bow. He aimed one bow to Daenerys’ dragon Viserion and perfectly hit its neck. The bow was bound with spell causing it to light up upon striking Viserion and killing it easily.

The poor dragon then failed to fly properly and stumbled in the icy ground the sinks with the glaciers of ice.

Daenerys was devastated and so was Jon Snow. The rest of the dragons (Drogon and Rhaegon) seemed to have been weeping because of the death of Viserion. While Dany was still in shock of what happened, Jon snow tried to attack the Night King but he was outnumbered by the Wights in his way.

Jon then saw one of the Night King’s comrades handing him another bow that killed Viserion. He immediately warned Daenerys to fly immediately as her other dragons might be in danger and he continues to fight the wights. Right after the battle, the Wights pulled Viserion out of the cold waters and the Night King turned it into a walker.