After Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) won the battle against Jamie Lannister in the west, she returns to Dragonstone victoriously. Upon his arrival, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) meets her and made a very noticeable seen with Drogo.

Apart from her victory in the west, Queen Dany has been really happy when she saw Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen). The Dothraki guarding the queen interrupts the conversation in the meeting hall. They report a stranger who claims to be Dany’s friend. And to their surprise, it was Sir Jorah who looks absolutely cured of his disease.

What Happened to Jorah Mormont?

We haven’t seen Sir Jorah Mormont for a while. He was infected with greyscale while protecting his hostage Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). It can be recalled that Jorah kidnapped Tyrion as a present to Daenerys hoping to resolve the issues that they had. Although Jorah was successful in his quest in bringing Tyrion to Dany, his arm was infected with greyscale, putting his life in danger.

The previous season also showed how Daenerys sympathizes Sir Jorah. She commands him to find a cure and be healthy again, hence Jorah made his way out of Westeros. It also took a long time before we saw him again back in the Citadel. It was Samwell Tarly (John Bradley-West) who finds him locked up in a cell for people with the contagious disease.

As an aspiring master, Samwell took the liberty in curing Jorah’s infectious disease. Despite the unbearable pain, the operation was successful. Jorah made his way out of the Citadel and to the Dragonstone where her queen was waiting for her. Sam, on the other hand, also realizes that it is the perfect time for him to make his own history.

Daenerys was very happy seeing Jorah. He has been her loyal servant and saved her life more than once. Jorah fought by her side when they conquered and dominated nations, he even risked his own life for her. That is why Dany was teary-eyed when they saw each other again, then she gave Jorah a very warm hug.

Jorah departs from Dragonstone for a mission

Jon Snow talks to Daenerys about his mission to defeat the white walkers beyond the wall. According to him, all of them (including Cersei Lannister) must fight the walkers if they wish to survive. Dany then rebuts Jon on how impossible his plan is. Jon then came up with an idea of capturing a white in order to convince Cersei that the enemies he is talking about are real.

Later on, Jorah Mormont volunteers to be on the mission with Jon Snow. Daenerys was quite surprised of his decision and tries to stop him. However, Jorah’s decision was final and Dany was convinced to send him with Jon Snow. The episode ends with Jon Snow and the rest of the group walking beyond the wall amidst the storm.