People who have been watching "Big Brother" for 19 seasons might not know some interesting things about the show. Here are some of the mind blogging things about the popular CBS Reality Show.


When houseguests are evicted, you see them with a small duffle bag when they go out to have their exit interview with host Julie Chen. The bag is just for show and dramatic purpose. Everybody knows the houseguests' belongings can't fit into those bags. The bag appears to be the same one that everyone carries and it looks as if it is empty judging from the way Cody Nickson just tossed his on the floor.

Their luggage is in a storage room and given to them later.

No singing or quoting movies

Did you know that the houseguests are not allowed to sing? Because of copyright restrictions, CBS would have to pay if a song was sung on the show. That's why Josh Martinez made up his own music when he was banging the pans. They are not allowed to quotes scenes from movies or discuss the outside world. Participants are not allowed to talk about the production of the show or what was said in the Diary Room.

Have you noticed no one wears a watch or solid white clothes? Those are not allowed. They can't play cards, but they are allowed to play chess and shoot pool. Batteries must be changed in the personal microphones twice a day.


Houseguests participate in certain tasks to get their individual food allowance. Those who do well, get a bigger budget than the others. However, everyone gets something. When people run out of their own food, there is always an emergency supply of chickpeas, lentils, and rice in the store room for anyone's use. Fresh fruits and vegetables are complimentary from the producers.


Houseguests do not leave their families and jobs without some compensation. The houseguests used to get paid $750 for every week they stayed in the house. According to a conversation between Cody and Jessica, the fee is now $1,000 a week. That's why they fight so hard to keep going. However, no one gets any money until the show is over.

The winner of the grand prize of $500,000 and the second place winner of the $50,000 do not get the weekly stipend.

No identification

After participants pass the test to be on the show, they have less than two hours to pack and take a flight to Los Angeles. They are not allowed to talk to anyone while traveling. Once they arrive, they have to turn over their wallets and all forms of identification. They can't watch television, read newspapers, or magazines. The only book that is allowed in the house is the Holy Bible. They can't write letters or receive mail except when they are Head Of Household if they like. Cody Nickson refused that privilege when he was HoH.

Contestants are cut off from the outside world.

The only exception was on September 11, 2001. They were told of the national tragedy. One houseguest had a cousin who died in the attack, but she decided to show on the show.

Fans have tried to notify contestants of certain things by flying banners over the house. When that happens, participants are instructed to stay inside.


On a few occasions, houseguests have been expelled from the show for things such are refusing to wear a microphone, threatening others, throwing furniture, and fighting. The winner of the eighth season was competing again on Season 13, but he left when a blood test proved he was HIV positive. Others have volunteered to leave for personal reasons.


Showmances are allowed and some of them continue outside the house. On at least three occasions, they have ended in marriages. Cody Nickson said he plans to marry Jessica Graf. She was evicted one week before he was. He is now in the jury house.