Google’s video-sharing platform - YouTube, will try to deter radicalization of would-be ISIS recruits by launching an experiment called the Redirect Method. This was developed in collaboration with Jigsaw and YouTube’s parent company Alphabet.

The Redirect Method basically redirects anyone who searches for known extremist content, using a particular set of keywords, to videos that discredit the ISIS group and other anti-terrorist videos.

The experiment was announced last month as a counter-terrorism measure and to fight extremist’s recruitment propaganda.

Extremist groups use YouTube to recruit more members

ISIS and other Extremist Groups have been using the video-sharing platform as a way of recruiting and radicalizing prospective terrorists.

Earlier this year, it was learned that one of the attackers in the London Bridge incident was influenced by the extremist’s YouTube videos. These kinds of videos became very rampant that advertisers started pulling their ads from YouTube after learning that their products have been shown in videos promoting terrorism.

This prompted YouTube to implement a requirement of 10,000 viewers before the content creators earn any revenues on their videos.

What keywords trigger the Redirect Method?

The YouTube’s tool is triggered when a potential ISIS recruit types any search terms with any ISIS slogans or sentiment; Phrases such as “Biqiyah wa Tatamadad,” which means “remaining and expanding.”

This method is similar to how an advertisement reaches a certain group of consumers depending on the keyword search.

According to a report by Tech Crunch, YouTube posted a blog that stated, “As we develop this model of the Redirect Method, we’ll measure success by how much this content is engaged.”

How the Redirect Method was tested

The experiment was started by enlisting around 320,000 users that were told to enter typical keywords that a potential ISIS recruit would search for.

The users were also asked what types of videos are effective as counter-propaganda against the extremists.

During the eight-week program, it was learned that documentary videos, as well as contents with religious debates, are the most effective to deter would-be ISIS recruits.

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