The Islamic State in Iraq and al-sham, most commonly known as ISIS, is a terrorist organization only interested in the destruction of Iraq, Syria and the rest of the world. The Militant Group has become infamous for their violent acts, in addition to their sworn allegiance to well-known terrorist, Osama bin Laden, before his death.

While it’s probably common knowledge how ruthless this organization is, there are more disturbing facts about ISIS that you may not know.

ISIS has more money than you think

The militant group has a lot more money than anyone thinks.

So much so that ISIS was dubbed the “richest terrorist organization” in the world.

How does ISIS fund their terrorist acts? By imposing taxes on people within their territory and also makes money from their agricultural products that they sell. The group is also involved in theft, oil smuggling, extortion and also human trafficking. The Terrorist Group also committed bank robberies on a few occasions.

The constant supply of funds puts ISIS in a position where it could carry out any violent act it wishes to make without worrying about the expense.

ISIS gives sex slaves to its men as rewards for a job well done

One of the most disturbing things about ISIS is the fact that the group captures Yazidi women to make them sex slaves and give these women to its members as gifts.

It’s also a terrible thought that a majority of these victims are underage girls.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, views women in his captivity as his personal property. He regularly rapes these women without any remorse.

In other words, ISIS is using rape as a reward for its most loyal and hardworking fighters. ISIS also uses rape as their recruiting tool to encourage others to join their repulsive mission.

Beheading is their way of marketing their campaign

Most people couldn’t even watch a person being beheaded, let alone carry it out themselves. However, ISIS actually thinks that this violent act is an effective way of marketing their movement.

The militant group enjoys people watching beheadings on TV. Victims of these beheadings include James Foley, David Heines, and Steven Sotlof, and their executions were videoed.

The group has such a twisted mind that they even let young children occasionally carry out the executions.

ISIS wants people to fear them and uses this fear as their motivation to continue their heinous crimes against humanity.