Pregnancy is a celebrated time in a woman's life and it should be. After all, you are going to give birth to a new human being, after carrying it in your body for nine months. But as everything in life, pregnancy is not all sweet and Pink (or blue), as it comes with a lot of unpleasant things. Most of these things will be a surprise for first-time pregnant moms, as no one will tell them that pregnancy has its own Gross side.

You develop skin problems

When you are pregnant your skin color changes because of all the hormonal changes that take place.

Some women develop spots on their face, others develop discolouration on their body... each woman's body reacts differently. What's interesting to note is your skin color changes even down there. The phenomenon is called Chadwick's sign and is caused by the increased blood flow in the vaginal area, causing it to turn dark-blue or purple. The hormone rush leads to an outbreak on your back and breasts, as well as other body parts. Because the blood flow increases, your veins appear darker and become more visible. Your breasts are among the areas where your veins are most prominent.

Your body changes in unpleasant ways

As your body expands, your breasts also grow, but they might grow unevenly. You could end up with a visibly bigger breast, at least for a while, until the other one reaches to the same size.

During pregnancy your hair will grow faster, thicker and in places where you never had hair before. The worst part is your big belly will prevent you from shaving in your lower part of the body.

As the belly grows, your belly button sticks out and people will want to touch it.

You develop crazy habits and strange issues

With an ever changing body, physically and hormonally, it can cause things to happen that you wouldn't even imagine.

Pregnant Women are notorious for their cravings, but they can also crave strange combos. Chips and meatballs, mustard and pasta – you name it, it sounds good for a pregnant woman.

We like to imagine pregnant bellies as being round, like a perfect sphere, but most of the times, the belly is uneven, depending on how the baby moves inside.

As the baby grows and pushes on your bladder, you might experience incontinence. It starts with tiny leaks during a sneeze or laugh and it might go all the way to (almost) permanent leaks between bathroom breaks in the last pregnancy month. Some pregnant women even start snoring. Constipation is a daily reality for pregnant women and pushing it too hard leads to hemorrhoids. Childbirth can also leave you with hemorrhoids. The baby seems to be playing with fire inside your belly.

Once you give birth all these silly changes and cravings slowly fade away as you heal thereafter. It was totally worth it though.