Exercise is good for your Body, it makes you feel better mentally and physically, energetic and adds years to your life. The health benefits of physical activity and exercise are easy to notice, and everyone can do it, regardless of sex, physical ability or age. Exercise is any movement that helps your muscles work and your body burn calories. Working out is also for anybody who is trying to Lose Weight. Here are other benefits of working out.

Boosts brain power and sharpens the memory

Various studies have indicated that cardiovascular exercise can help to create new brain cells and improve the performance of the brain.

Other studies show that a tough workout can increase the levels of a brain-derived protein called BDNF, in one's body, which helps in higher thinking, decision making, and learning. Also, regular exercise boosts memory and researchers believe that physical fitness can help children’s brains develop. Exercise-based brain power is also suitable for adults and a study has shown that running sprints can improve vocabulary retention in healthy adults.

It helps in weight loss

Inactivity is a major factor in obesity and weight gain. It's important to understand the relationship between exercise and energy expenditure to know the effect of exercise on weight reduction. Your body uses energy to digest food, maintain your body functions like excretion, breathing, your heartbeat, and exercising.

Exercise boosts your metabolic rate which burns more calories and helps you lose weight. More studies have proved that combining resistance training with aerobic exercise maximises mass muscle maintenance and fat loss, thus keeping the weight off. The most recommended exercise if you are unable to hit the gym regularly, is to take the stairs instead of the elevator and do more house chores.

Exercise boosts energy and combats health conditions and diseases

Regular physical exercise improves your muscle strength and increases your body endurance. It delivers nutrients and oxygen to your tissue and facilitates the efficiency of your cardiovascular system. When your lungs and heart are healthy, you become more energetic.

You shouldn’t worry much about high blood pressure or heart disease if you work out frequently. Being active boosts high-density lipoprotein and decreases the triglycerides. It keeps your blood flow smooth, reducing the chances of contracting cardiovascular disease. Regular work outs have been known to prevent stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, metabolic syndrome, some types of cancer, falls, arthritis and other health problems.

Work outs boost your sex life

Exercise has been proven beyond doubt to improve the sex drive. Engaging in exercise regularly, improves the cardiovascular system, tones muscles, enhances flexibility and improves blood circulation, which helps to improve your sexual activity.

A study on women in their 40s showed that they experienced orgasms more frequently after thorough exercise like boot camps, weight training, and sprints. Also, researchers noted that in a group of 178 healthy men, those who spent hours per week on exercising had higher sexual function scores.

Exercise is beneficial to your body, and you shouldn’t ignore the fact. It’s better to do a work out every day than spend your later life in and out of the hospital. It’s not a must to hit the gym, you can climb the stairs or do your chores. Just make your body busy and fit, and you will get some good results.