Making a good small talk can save you from many awkward Situations in life, and can also help you to progress in your professional life. Maybe you find small talk a waste of time but it can help you to be an overall more confident individual. Being good at small talk can open new opportunities for your career and relationship. Even you can talk to yourself to boost your confidence.

Here are few methods you can practice to improve the art of small talk:

Introduce yourself clearly to individuals

When you introduce yourself, say your name with a clear pronunciation, be confident and do not rush.

If you do not get the name of a stranger on the first try then ask again in a polite manner like, "Sorry! I quite didn't get your name right, can you please say it again?"

Wait for your turn

While approaching a group, wait until there is a pause in the conversation and then you can give a brief introduction of yourself and then you are good to join the conversation.

Keep yourself happy or fake happiness

Scientists have already proved that smiling in a problem already makes your brain positive and ready to tackle the problem. Your mood directly affects the conversation and no one wants to talk with a person with a pessimistic aura.

Know more about the person you are going to talk with

For an example if you find yourself with your boss face to face in an official party then knowing about his interests or family can certainly help you with coming up with ideas for small talk.

Find a hobby

Sometimes, the conversation can turn toward you and you better make it interesting. Talk about your hobby like playing chess or any instrument and you might find someone with similar interests to join you on weekends.

Be open to new ideas

Every single person in this world has a unique set of ideas and viewpoints, respect that and listen to the other person carefully and never interrupt someone in the middle of their sentence.

Sometimes listening carefully to next person can help you with coming up with your next sentence.

Express more feelings

People are more interested in the emotional details than the technical details of an event. Compare these two sentences and decide which one you find more interesting:

  • Last night it rained 10cm.
  • Last night the rain and winds gave me a chill in my bones.

Start living

Start trying new things, and a make a lot of mistakes. Collect lots of stories to tell with few embarrassing details to laugh it off. Impress others with your success or inspire them with your struggle. It depends upon unlocking your mental capabilities.