While many events occurring in your life may seem out of control, the least you can do is control your mind and emotion. We all are aware of the benefits of meditation, but still can't put it into practice.

Sitting cross-legged, prohibiting any thought from entering our mind. However easy it may sound, bringing it in constant practice is a difficult task.

Though, meditation need to be such a difficult chore. You need not treat meditation like any special activity. You can practice it many times during the day, whenever you feel like. You can incorporate meditation into any activity of your liking.

The prime aim of doing meditation is being aware of the present. To refrain your mind from wandering into the future or the past. Paying attention to the sight, sound and smell present around you at the moment. Being aware of the moment. This article exactly tells you more about it.

You can become more efficient by concentrating at the work present in hand. This will automatically make your future better. The benefits of doing yoga and meditation are marvellous.

If you want to practice meditation but can't due to lack of time, then here are few examples as to how you can incorporate meditation in your daily chores. Look through the list and decide what appeals to you.

Meditation while washing dishes

Dish washing may be not the most productive work one can do, but it is something that needs to be done. So why not utilise this time to practice meditation. Pay attention to the texture of the bowls, the smell of the soap.

Your mind will wander off. Bring it back to the moment. Pay attention the dish in your hand.

Make sure you have thoroughly removed the oil and other residues.

Your mind will wander many times, just remind yourself of your purpose and continue your work.

Meditation while reading book

You can practice meditation while reading book. Reading self improvement books can really bring a positive change in your life. Even when you are reading a book for your children, be involved in the story.

Try to feel the sounds, images, and emotions of the characters, this way you will develop a better understanding of the story and experience the story more vividly.

Be relaxed, it's just you and the book. Make notes of the important points that you find important. You will gain much more from the book this way. Again, remind your mind to come back when it wanders off.

Meditation at work

Yes, it is possible to practice meditation at work, when you are busy with the work load of the office. You can find those tiny intervals of time when you can't possibly do anything else. Focus on your breath, remind yourself to not wander off with your thoughts.

You can do it

  • while commuting to work
  • while waiting for the elevator
  • at lunch breaks
  • when you decide to waste your time on social media
  • on your way to washroom

You will find that those tiny moments will build up to something, the quality of your day and work will improve.

Meditation while sleeping

This type of meditation is called Yoga Nidra. It may be the easiest kind of meditation where you have to literally lie on your bed and do nothing, physically.

Yoga Nidra is different from sleeping. While sleeping your subconscious mind takes over, but the worries and tensions stay with you. The main objective is to remain conscious while your body rests. You will need to recollect your thoughts and think about things that make you happy.

You can also think about solutions to your daily problems. Just stay relaxed. Whenever you find yourself growing anxious, remind yourself that you are doing it to find solutions.

There are few very easy steps involved in doing Yoga Nidra.

Look them up on the internet and start doing it daily.

Meditation while running

Meditating while running is a common practice. Many successful people have said in interviews that they treat running as a kind of meditation. Running clears up your mind and body. Running is recommended for everyone, even if you treat it as meditation or not.

While running, don't strain your shoulder. Let your body go loose but maintain a firm posture. Pay attention to the sounds around you, feel the air sweeping past your neck and ears. The rhythmic sound of thudding as your feet hit the ground. The tightening of calve muscles. Your heart profusely pumping blood through your body. Sweat forming on the forehead.

Indulge at the moment.

When your mind wanders away, remember to bring it back.

The sweat clears the dust accumulated on your skin. After returning home, take a cold water bath.

Meditation while dancing

Dancing comes more naturally to us than talking. Remember, when we were toddlers, we preferred dancing more than talking. Never cared about anything else while dancing. You can do it now also, alone if preferred.

Dancing makes us automatically happy. Dance seems like an activity which while doing, we keep all the worries at bay, without even trying. Imagine this situation :-

You are at your friends' house, dancing, shaking the house, drink in hand, wearing glow in the dark bands, worrying about the project that you have to submit next week.

Funny right? Either you will stop dancing or stop worrying. I will choose the latter one.

Dancing as an meditation is in existence from a long time in human history. Hindu god Shiva is famous for his meditative dance Shiv Tandava.

Meditation while playing musical instrument

This is yet another reason to learn an instrument. Learning a musical instrument immensely benefits an individual. This includes more volume of grey matter in your brain and better connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Some of you may already be knowing how to play an instrument. Meditating while playing an instrument means having laser focus on what you are doing. Listen to the notes you are producing, notice your mistakes. Be completely absorbed.

Don't criticize yourself, just be aware. Relax.