Most of us know people with red hair. Perhaps you have that color of hair yourself. There is an interesting article written by Tom Carlson who contends that Redheads are really cool. He suggests that they should not be joked about and laughed at. Therefore, he has offered some things that people should know about the gingers.

About redheads

First of all, a person with red hair is called "ginger." That's obvious because of the color. People think all redheads have blue eyes. While it might seem that way, but the common eye color for redheads is actually brown.

Red hair is made by the recessive gene, MC1R. That means it is weaker than other genes that produce brown, black, or blonde hair. In order to be a redhead, the gene must be passed down from ancestors on both the maternal and the paternal side. Such is the case with the most famous redhead we know, Prince Harry. His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, was a natural redhead before she turned gray. Prince Harry's mother, Diana Spencer came from a family of redheads. So, Prince Harry was the one to get the gene from both sides.

Only about two percents of people in the world are natural redheads. That is because the gene needs another carrier to pass it on. If Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle and they have children, it is highly unlikely that their children will be redheads.

Redheads are found mostly in Northern or Western Europe even though people from Ireland and Scotland are expected to have red hair. Most people with red hair usually have freckles because both are caused by the same MC1R gene.

Less hair

This might shock some people, but redheads have less hair than people with other colors. Brunettes have an average of 140,000 strands, blonds have 110,000, but redheads have only 90,000 strands, but their hair is thicker which makes it look like they have more.

It is difficult to dye naturally red hair because of its strong pigment. The red must be stripped of its natural color before it is able to take another color. Even though it is hard to do, some natural born redheads have done it. Marilyn Monroe was a natural redhead, but she was famous for her blonde locks. Actresses Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams have naturally red hair.

Lucille Ball's was naturally brown, but she dyed her hair red.

Other things

Redheads are said to be more tolerant to pain than others. The MC1R gene releases pheomelanin which blocks the brain's receptivity to pain. Some studies have shown that redheaded men are 54 percent less likely to get prostate cancer.

A lot of redheads are left handed. Prince Harry isn't, but Prince William is. According to several studies, bees are attractive more to redheads than people with other colors of hair. Redheads are said to be hot tempered.

Every September, there is a two-day conference in the Netherlands for people with natural red hair to come together to celebrate.