glitter pills geared towards making your poop sparkle have been a thing for some time now. However, recent reports reveal Vagina glitter pills are now also a thing. Women are able to buy glitter-filled pills intended to be inserted into a woman’s vagina prior to intimacy. Doctors, however, believe these vaginal glitter pills will come at a cost.

Doctors advise against it

Unsurprisingly, doctors are urging women to avoid this bizarre fad as putting glitter pills in your vagina may come with bad side effects. In fact, this product that is intended to “add sparkle and flavor” during intimacy is also going to add things you may not want.

The Independent reported that a gynecologist from San Francisco named Jen Gunter has warned women these glitter pills will not deliver on the promise of fun and enjoyable intimacy. In fact, the potential side effects associated with using these glitter pills includes vaginal dermatitis and inflammatory discharge. Gunter – and several other doctors – believe the sweet substance within the capsule will disturb the natural bacteria balance inside of the woman’s vagina which can result in nasty infections. These doctors believe this pill is a combination of adding glitter and sugar into the vagina which isn’t good for the human body.

How do the capsules work?

The Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules work by being placed in a woman’s vagina roughly an hour before intimacy.

The product website claims this gives the “passion dust” inside of the glitter pills time to dissolve. According to the product website, the glitter pill is intended to make lovemaking both fun and enjoyable.

This isn’t the first fad

Unfortunately, this isn’t even the first time a fad involves women shoving strange things into their vagina.

As some may remember, Gwyneth Paltrow was recently slammed for selling jade eggs for just shy of $70 on her Goop website. The website promised to improve orgasms if women left the jade eggs inside of their vaginas for 24 hours. Jen Gunter also chimed in on this fad claiming it could have similar side effects to leaving a tampon in for too long such as bacterial vaginosis or Toxic Shock Syndrome.

According to the creator of the vaginal glitter pills, the new fad is perfectly harmless. The creator insists the pills are not toxic and are not any different from eye shadow or lip gloss. The only disclaimer offered on the product is that asthma suffers may want to avoid them as the tiny glitter particles could trigger an asthma attack.

Do you have an interest in trying vaginal glitter pills?