June is the sixth month of the year, it has 30 days like April, September, and November and marks the last month in the first half of the year. There are some interesting things about the month with many things to celebrate. Some females are named June like those named April and May. Also, there is a 39-year-old actress named January Jones. Let's not forget the June bug this month.


June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. That's why it is a popular month for weddings. Couples believe it is a lucky month to tie the knot because it has been said that those who get married in June will be blessed with prosperity and happiness.

Another reason couples choose to get married in the sixth month is for tax purposes. When people get married in this month, they are considered to have been a married for the whole financial year. A lower rate of income tax is applied to the year’s earnings, and the couple will receive a substantial refund.

School closings

Teachers and students look forward to this month because they can start their summer vacation. Teachers look forward to getting a break from lesson plans, grading papers, and teaching. Students look forward to going to camp or being involved in fun activities during the summer months.

Father's Day

Mother's Day was celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Father's Day is celebrated in the United States on the third Sunday in June.

Father's Day this year is celebrated on June 18. This is the day when people do something special to honor their fathers, grandfathers and father figures. Sermons about fathers are preached in most churches.

Other observances

There is no legal holiday in June, but National Flag Day is recognized on June 14. It was on June 14, 1777 when Congress adopted the stars and stripes as the United States flag to symbolize unity of all the states.

On Flag Day, Americans show respect for the U.S. Flag and what it represents. Some show their patriotism by displaying the American flag. Juneteenth every year is on June 19 to celebrate when slavery ended. This dates back to 1865.

Even though Memorial Day was the unofficial start of summer, the season doesn't officially begin until Wednesday, June 21 on the longest day of the year which is called the summer solstice.

Whether you have a birthday to celebrate this month or not, there are other things to celebrate. They include International Men's Month, National Seafood Month, National Candy Month, National Dairy Month, and National Iced Tea Month.

Welcome to the month of June. May it bring you peace, happiness and much joy.