The very fact of Alien existence has been a huge question, there have been many incidents where people claim that they witnessed aliens and UFOs. It appears that the belief of aAliens visiting Earth is strong in Midlands of the West. The UK is been one such country that has claimed to have aliens appearing on and off every now and then.

Recent reports state that there were 13 UFO sightings in the country, including big cities like Birmingham has seen unusual saucers flying above in their sky. Most of the witnesses claim that they saw a triangular shape spacecraft in the night, and this has happened many times since 2009.

Apparently, local civilians have reported unusual objects flying during the night from Birmingham, Sandwell, Dudley, and Solihull. One incident took place in January 2015, where a mother experienced her child shouting in terror about some spacecraft through the window.

Are aliens real?

Based on the experience of individuals, some people strongly believe that aliens do exist. In the most recent Sighting, a witness stated that he has never seen something like this before. He explained that he saw a triangle shaped UFO, which appeared out of nowhere with mysterious flashing lights.

A market trader named Michele Bardsley managed to capture significant mysterious lights over her house in Kingshurst.

She was terrified about the experience since it was something she did not see every day. Michele further stated that she witnessed some weird activity on the spacecraft. She believes that she saw figures appearing and disappearing.

What does Science say about alien existence?

The universe is vast and science has been exploring space on a small scale, there has been no hard proof of aliens and UFOs, but science does not say that aliens do not exist either!

The subject is complex as it requires time and equipment to understand or figure out if there are really aliens in space.

Almost every year there are reports of an alien sighting in different countries, the concept of aliens is also widely used in films and stories. Ancient tribals in certain countries strongly believe that creatures from space do exist, while some people also think that aliens have a connection to Earth.

Researchers have given their effort and time to figure out the fact but it is still an ongoing process.

Witnesses who spotted UFOs have shown evidence of some spacecraft's in a long distance, which looks to be a UFO. With the latest reports, it seems that the UK is becoming a zone for alien visitation.