April the Giraffe craze is fast turning into Tajiri frenzy. Thanks to Animal Adventure Park, millions of people around the world are now timing their lives around the park’s four-hour live cam. The baby giraffe, who is a little over two-months-old, is stealing hearts. Some are obsessed to the point that they can’t get through the day without catching a glimpse of the little boy.

Here are some Telltale signs you are addicted to Tajiri.

You stalk, you gawk

A part of your day is spent stalking Tajiri. You are on the park’s YouTube channel 4 pm to 8 pm, Sunday through Friday.

You visit the park’s Facebook page at least twice a day, and as if that wasn’t enough, you head to various giraffe groups (Of course, you belong to more than one group), hoping to see a fresh photograph or a video of Tajiri. When you come across one, you stare at it for a long time, soaking in every little detail—Tajiri’s heart-shaped nose, his fine-spun tail, and those wee little ossicones.

You feel Tajiri is a ‘real boy’

Having watched Tajiri’s live birth in April, you feel you share a special bond with him. His little capers remind you of your own children. You adore his high jinks. You love the interaction between Tajiri and Oliver. You secretly wish that, by some strange twist of fate, Tajiri and his dad Oliver get along (contrary to the fact that giraffe bulls aren’t always friendly).

You love the way Tajiri nibbles hay.

You get edgy

When you don’t see Tajiri on the live cam, you get worried. Although you’re aware that Tajiri is simply away from the camera’s view, you keep wondering what he’s up to. Once he’s back in the line of sight, you’re happier and you find yourself smiling.

You are guilty of preferential treatment

Although you see and hear news of several baby giraffes born in zoos and jungles around the world, you aren’t as curious or interested as you were about Tajiri. Yes, Dobby and Julius are cute, but in your opinion, Tajiri is the cutest. Somehow, you find yourself more drawn to AAP giraffes than the ones in other zoos.

You become a matchmaker

You put your matchmaking skills to good use. Every time a girl giraffe is born in some corner of the world, you think of Tajiri and how he could be the potential mate for this baby girl.

AAP is on your to-do list

There are only two kinds of people: The ones who’ve been to Animal Adventure Park and the ones who are raring to go (literally). For the fortunate few who’ve been there, the experience was surreal.

Did you visit Animal Adventure Park? Tell us about your Tajiri moments in the comments below.