This Christmas, animal lovers are decking their halls with more than just boughs of holly.

Besides bells, stars, snowflakes, and stockings, a vast majority of people are putting up one particular animal ornament on their Christmas tree, and it’s not the reindeer.

The red-nosed Rudolph used to be an all-time favorite, but looks like Santa's star reindeer is losing his mojo.

Rudolph is now competing with one other animal for its rightful place on the Christmas tree.

Giraffes take over

On social media platforms like Facebook, people proudly displayed photographs of their festive decors.

As visibly evident, Giraffes of all shapes and sizes have quietly taken possession of the Christmas trees.

Online retailers like Amazon, e-Bay, and Etsy, which sell these Giraffe ornaments, have evidently made a killing this season.

It wasn’t like giraffe Christmas decors weren’t available the past few years, but year 2017 seems to have beaten market expectation.

How the giraffe obsession began

According to many, Animal Adventure Park’s April the giraffe has a role to play in this. Many who were hooked on to the live cam in February watched every little antic by April the giraffe and her beau Oliver.

The birth of their adorable calf Tajiri, which was live-streamed on YouTube, was watched by millions around the world.

This whole episode resulted in an awareness of giraffe conservation. Constantly observing the giraffe family, their behavior and mannerism created an army of addicts who would log in each day on Youtube to find out the goings-on in the giraffe barn.

Now, this obsession has resulted in people changing the way they celebrate Christmas.

The Santa’s sledge is now being pulled by a giraffe instead of a reindeer. Besides the cows, lamb, and donkeys in the Nativity scene, the manger decorators are now making room for giraffes. Giraffes wearing Santa caps and cute little red bows are a common sight. There is also the glowing giraffe, and plastic handmade giraffes that are currently nestled on the Christmas trees.

We tracked down some creative animal lovers who’ve used giraffe ornaments as part of their Christmas decors. Here are our favorites:

Check out these giraffes striking a pose in the Nativity scene.

Here’s one red-nosed giraffe. What would you call him?

Adorable giraffes steal their spot on the Christmas trees. Which one is your favorite?

Have you put up a giraffe on your Christmas tree?