Another disaster strikes Brights Zoo. A fire reportedly broke out at 3am on Friday morning. David Bright, the owner of the zoo at Limestone, Tennessee, hasn’t officially made a statement. However, the post on their official Facebook page stated that the zoo authorities alerted the fire departments immediately. They also added that despite calling Jonesborough fire department, they received no response.

The Brights Zoo authorities also got in touch with Limestone volunteer fire department, Sulpher Springs Volunteer fire department and Nolichuckey volunteer fire departments—all of who responded shortly after they received the call.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and helped put out fire in the zoo premises.

Brights Zoo has been closed for the season. The cause of the fire is unknown and investigations are on.

Supporters send their prayers

Brights’ Zoo’s Facebook page was flooded with messages from supporters. Some fans sent out stay-strong messages to the zoo crew, others enquired after the safety of Alf the giraffe.

Alf is safe

Alf, the baby giraffe, is one of people’s favorites. When news of the fire broke out, many were concerned about Alf the giraffe’s safety. Brights Zoo confirmed that the baby giraffe was safe and sound, and his building was not affected by the fire. The zoo authorities also added that none of the giraffe exhibits were destroyed in the fire.

As of this writing, no loss of lives have been reported. However, one barn has been destroyed, according to fire department officials. Brights is currently working with the fire department to access the damage.

The Alf controversy

Alf’s sale in October raised another controversy in October, which resulted in animal rights activists sending threats to Brights Zoo.

Some accused the owners of selling Alf to a facility that encourages hunting. Although the animal activists accused the zoo of putting Alf in danger, they provided no proof of the peril. Eventually, the facility called off the deal, and Alf the giraffe had no choice but to stay put in a facility that has loving caretakers but which lacks the funds to support his needs.

Alf barn update

Many supporters of Brights Zoo came forward to raise money so that the zoo could afford to take care of Alf. As part of the fundraising, the zoo opened a GoFundMe Page for people to contribute to the maintenance of the giraffe. These funds will be used to build a barn for Alf. A portion of the funds will go to bringing in a mate for Alf the giraffe.

In yet another giraffe news, Jordan Patch, the owner of Animal Adventure Park, has asked giraffe fans to stay vigilant.