A YouTube channel named 'SecureTeam10' has claimed that the Government has been covering up the evidence of extra-terrestrial life for many years, and to substantiate their claims, they have released a new video which features a Tank-like object on the surface of the moon.

UFO hunters believe that this tank-like structure is the remnant of an ancient Alien battleship. In the video, the team also claim that a modern civilization was once persistent on the moon, and this tank is a solid evidence which proves it. The team also blamed NASA for covering up the existence of aliens.

Last month, the same YouTube channel released another video which showcased a disc like an object on the lunar surface. Through the video, they revealed that this disc like object is a secret alien base.

Is it a war tank or a mere piece of rock?

The structure featured in the video is very similar to that of the war tanks which is being used on the Earth. The team of conspiracy theorists has also posted a series of photos taken by the satellite which shows the tank from different angles.

The video also tells that there are many other artificial structures on the moon which clearly proves that our natural satellite was once the habitat of an ancient civilization. UFO enthusiasts also claim that the strange and unexplained objects around the tank are nothing but scrap metals.

On the other hand, several space experts believe that the claims of 'Secureteam 10' are just false assumptions, and the tank-like structure featured in the video is nothing but a piece of rock.

Is 'Secureteam 10' a trustworthy YouTube channel?

'Secureteam 10' is now one of the most popular YouTube channels among UFO enthusiasts. As of now, the YouTube channel has posted 590 videos, while most of them have fetched more than 10 lakh views. More than

Around 7,85,000 people have subscribed to this channel, and it clearly indicates its acceptance on conspiracy theorists and believers of alien life.

Even in the midst of this wide-spread popularity, 'Secureteam 10' has received many negative reviews due to their wild assumptions on Alien life and UFO existence.

Recently, Lions Ground, a rival YouTube channel had lashed out against 'Secureteam 10' and has revealed that they are intentionally fooling its viewers just for monetary gain. They also claimed that 'Secureteam 10' are earning more than $750 a day by just posting fake videos related to UFO and aliens.