This isn’t something someone expects when they get out of bed in the morning. One resident in Milwaukee says he is lucky to be alive, after a Jeep SUV went airborne, crashing through the wall of his home. The man, identified only as Theo, was reportedly asleep in bed at the time.

SUV crashes through the wall of the Milwaukee home

According to a video report by NBC News, Milwaukee Police said in a statement that the unusual accident occurred shortly before 5 a.m. on Thursday, while the homeowner was asleep. Police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened, but say the Jeep had driven up a hill in front of Theo’s home and had somehow gone airborne before crashing through the first floor living room wall of the house.

Video taken at the scene of the freak accident shows a red Jeep, stuck through the wall of the house, which has now left a gaping hole in Theo’s home.

Homeowner awakes to a crash and finds a Jeep in his living room

Speaking to TMJ 4, Theo said he was fast asleep when it happened. On hearing the crash, his first reaction was to ask if it was an explosion or a fire. However he couldn’t really see what had happened, due to the smoke and drywall all over his living room. Theo then spotted a woman trying to creep out of the driver’s door of the Jeep.

He said he was “completely in defensive mode” when the woman appeared and he then called 911 to report the incident. Theo said at the time he was very confused and mentally shaken up by the incident. When asked the approximate age of the female driver, Theo guessed the woman was aged “anything from middle forties to early fifties.”

Jeep still worked following the unusual accident

Police say a tow truck was dispatched to remove the SUV from the wall, which apparently still ran.

They added that, surprisingly, the female driver was not impaired in any way and that she was cooperating with the police. The woman driver did, however, reportedly receive a citation for inattentive driving. Authorities are now treating the incident as a routine crash, even though the facts surrounding it were far from routine.

Meanwhile Theo, along with a second tenant in the same duplex, was forced to evacuate for several days while the damaged wall was replaced. Theo said all was fine with him, as he had family to stay with, but he did say the main thing was that he was still “standing here” and was alive after the unusual incident.

Driver claims she blacked out shortly prior to the accident

In the WISN 12 News video below, the driver had claimed she blacked out, then hit the curb and went airborne. The video shows the Jeep being extracted from the wall of the building and then driven across the lawn. The vehicle was obviously working, but in a very battered state.