Many marriage counselors and psychologists confirm that one of the reasons why Relationships and marriages fail is because one of the partners has fallen out love. However, ruined marriages and relationships are often caused by the fact that no matter how obvious it is, a woman finds it hard to accept the painful reality that her significant does not show interest towards her anymore.

There are literally thousands of ways on how to know if a partner already lost interest towards the other. And if you observe your husband doing one of these things, take a second to pause and think because your marriage might be at risk of failing.

He’s obsessed (and not with you)

When your husband spends some time to play video games, watch videos and do things that are “for the boys only”, let him be. Giving each other some “alone” time is a breath of fresh air for one another. It is one way to avoid being exhausted and trapped to the stressful experiences encountered by you and your partner in your relationship.

However, if your husband tends to be over obsessive with the leisurely things to the extent that he almost forgets he has a wife, then you should probably feel alarmed. According to Francesca Di Meglio, a Newlyweds Expert and blog writer, when a husband’s passion becomes a sort of an obsession which later on results to him ignoring your relationship and his marital responsibilities, your marriage is definitely not on the right track.

This time, your husband has no idea or does not entertain the idea that you are already feeling ignored and unloved.

He’s not passionate with you unlike your first night together

Making love with the person you love the most always feels like it’s your first. Intimacy is one of the best ways to establish connection, love, passion and security towards one another.

It is not the sole responsibility of the husband to make a move in this kind of affection. But when your husband constantly shows no effort to initiate, or at least participate, in this kind of physical connection, then there can be a serious problem in your relationship.

According to Lesli M. W. Doares, a marriage consultant from Cary, North Carolina, investigating if your partner is stressed and knowing if there are unaddressed issues is very important.

The lack of interest of your partner when it comes to the physical connection means that he is no longer interested in meeting your needs when it comes to intimacy. Moreover, lack of sexual interest is also an effective sign that your partner is cheating.

He’s not happy when you are together

When you are happily in love, all you want to do is to be with your significant other every minute and every second of your lives. Spending time with your love is definitely one of the most rewarding things in life. But when you observe that your partner shows no signs of happiness and sense of passion when he is with you, then there is probably one serious problem with your relationship that you might want to fix.