Bringing a baby into the world is a mixture of excitement and exhaustion, and moms have their own ways of adapting or adjusting to their new milestone in life. First-time moms get a bit overwhelmed for the first months after giving birth, which is considered to be quite normal since it's quite a big deal when one realizes that she is left with the big responsibility of raising a little human. Some would say that motherhood or parenting should have been taught as one of the subjects in school, but up until now, new moms are thrown into the world of motherhood with nothing but Google, YouTube videos, self-help books, and passed-on tips and pieces of advice from fellow mothers to help them get through the first few months.

Of course, maternal instinct also plays a vital role in raising a child, and it's only a matter of time until new mothers get the hang of motherhood. Below are some of the most common types of moms and considered to be the most relatable.

The Martha Stewart

This kind of mom makes motherhood seem like a breeze. From excelling in home-cooked meals down to perfecting the DIY house fixture, this mom seems to be the idol of all other moms.

Aside from being very keen in the kitchen and other DIY crafts, the "Martha Stewart mom" is also considered to be a very rare species nowadays. This is also the mom who appears to have raised very well-behaved kids who can manage to stay pristinely clean while wearing white dresses or trousers.

The zombie mom

This kind of mom seems to live off on caffeine to make up for her lack of sleep. The characteristics of the "zombie mom" are most commonly seen in first-time moms who still have a hard time adjusting to their new lifestyle.

In time, the "zombie mom" eventually has the opportunity to blossom into a "Martha Stewart mom." However, this takes time and may sometimes prove to be one of the goals on the bottom of the list as "zombie moms" put survival first rather than perfection.

The "Let It Go" mom

Taking their cue from "Frozen's" Elsa, "let it go" moms are considered to be the ones who are not so strict with their kids. The characteristics of "let it go" moms are most commonly seen in mothers who already have a lot of experience with kids, basically those who already have three to four kids.

It must be clarified that "let it go" moms are not really the type to abandon their kids.

However, they are already in the relaxed mode when their children go to the playground rather than those "Martha Stewart" moms who are always doting on their child/ren to prevent them from falling, getting a scratch, or eating sand or mud.