Content, traffic, and revenue are the only things that truly matter in your content marketing strategy. The more useful the content on your site is, the more likely you are to increase traffic and revenue. So how do you create the right content that will drive traffic, boost engagement and conversions?According to Entrepreneur Magazine, there are strategies that can make your content spread like wildfire. Here are seven strategies that will help you create high quality and engaging marketing blogs that people cannot ignore.

1. Use creative sources to find relevant topics

A highly relevant topic ensures that you provide valuable information for the attention of your readers. You can use sites such as Quora, LinkedIn, and Yahoo Answers to help answer questions you may have and provide you with creative insight regarding many relevant topics.From this point, you can expand from your previous searches. Buzzsumo is a great place to discover trending topics and key influencers within your industry.

2. Pay attention to performing types of blog posts

To have a better chance of engaging readers, try to create your posts around some well-performing types of blog posts. According to Problogger, listicles, interviews, and how-to posts boost higher engagement.

3. Align your tone to your target audience

The way a brand speaks to its Target Audience adds strength to the content. Your tone can either be formal or informal and understanding which tone captivates your readers will set you apart from your competition. Your tone provides personality to your posts and this gives your brand a personality.

This, in turn, makes your copy more engaging by allowing a customer to feel emotionally attached to your brand.

4. Create compelling headlines

According to Moz, eight out of 10 people read the headline and only two out of 10 will read the rest of the copy. This shows that you need to give top priority to the headline. It should hook, entertain and inspire curiosity to get readers wanting to know more.

To create attention-grabbing headlines, you should pay attention to the following.

  • Add SEO keywords to the headline.
  • Use emotionally compelling language.
  • Keep it under 70 character.

5. Highlight value proposition into your sub-headlines

You should complement your headline with engaging subtitles to lure readers to keep on reading your post. Make the subtitles concise to help your readers navigate through the content easily without losing their focus. Include value propositions throughout the subtitles to offer value and to pick their interest.

6. Integrate user feedback into your content

The user feedback shows the reactions and suggestions made by your readers. This, in turn, helps you to collect relevant questions and opinions from them to provide insight.

Some methods you can use to get user feedback include what is listed below.

  • User activity
  • Feedback forums
  • Surveys
  • Usability tests
  • Email outreach programs

7. Leverage on visual content

Research shows that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than plain text. Use images to break huge chunks of text and include visual aids such as infographics, screenshots, and memes to illustrate a point. Content is the fuel that creates lead generation opportunities for companies. Your content should, therefore, focus on the value you offer to the clients or the solution you offer to their problem.According to the MarketingTech, one should avoid spammy content as they will make you banned from social media.