As social media continues to grow, the opportunities for savvy social marketers opens the door to new opportunities. Trends like artificial intelligence make way for additional opportunities for those who have design and development skills. The latest social media marketing trends open additional doors for those with the right skills. Social media marketers can live and work anywhere in the world, especially the Middle East, where thousands of job opportunities exist.

Leveraging skills for a social media career

Forbes reported that to succeed in social media marketing, collaboration and connection were a must.

Connecting with stars in the industry, those who had large social media accounts on a specific topic, helped to grow a channel. The right collaborations can lead to increased exposure and build a solid foundation of followers. Using different social media platforms to deliver different types of content also made a difference too. Although a marketer may see more success on one platform than another, it's important to use other platforms and really engage followers. This means staying focused on the topic of the channel and offering real value while keeping the needs of followers in mind. It means focusing on building authentic relationships while networking too. Having a previous following offers a chance to show employers real results, and may tip the scales in a job hunt.

Inc reported that there is another option for making money with social media, and it offers more opportunities beyond that of a social marketing career although these techniques can help job seekers become successful social media marketers. For those who are looking to build their own brands, or want to demonstrate social media marketing expertise, the answer may lie in becoming a thought leader.

Thought leaders don't just run a successful business. They are more than just great social media marketers too. Successful thought leaders are people who want to make an impact on a particular topic. They offer specialized knowledge on the topic and are sought after for their expertise. Another mark of thought leaders is that they have an opinion and a compelling story that goes with it.

They also know their audience very well and understand how to connect. Successful thought leaders become successful, and they earn a lot of money in their chosen expertise because they integrate these elements into their brands. They also understand the various marketing channels and how to use them effectively.

Where the jobs are

ABC 7 in Chicago showed job seekers the type of opportunities that job seekers can expect while job hunting. As advertising revenues continue to decline on traditional forms of media like newspapers and television, many traditional forms of media are making the transition to offering and promoting their content online to increase their audiences. Examples of jobs that job seekers could expect included high-end jobs like Vice President of Creative Services and Programming.

Regardless of the job a person is seeking, most will ask for an up-to-date resume and references in a digital format.

Albawaba Business reported that currently there are thousands of social media marketing careers available in the Middle East. The seven job roles available include information technology, marketing and public relations, and sales. Engineering and administrative jobs are also available that include management, accounting, and auditing. Although many of these vacancies are filled by a CV search, potential job seekers will still want to apply. Many jobs are available to those already living in the Middle East, but for those looking to relocate, it's worthwhile to submit an application.