A Turkish Airlines Flight departed with the correct number of passengers. However, when it landed, it had one extra passenger and the crew was delighted. That's because the passenger was a baby that they helped deliver. The flight was halfway into its journey from Guinea to Burkina Faso when the crew helped deliver the baby girl. The Turkish Airlines crew noticed the mother, who was 28 weeks pregnant, was in labor pain. That's when they jumped into action.

Passengers stepped in to help

A few passengers noticed the woman in pain, so they stepped in to help deliver the child at over 40,000 feet.

Turkish Airlines acknowledged the incident and released a statement. It said cabin crew saw the woman in pain and they quickly responded to assist her.

The mother, who was not named, and the child, named Kadiju, were brought to the hospital in Ouagadougou when the flight landed. There, the pair were kept under observation. The woman and her child are reported to be in good health, but on the tired side.

It's not clear if the Turkish Airlines crew received training in terms of how to handle such an event or if there was a doctor that helped with the delivery. Turkish Airlines did say pregnant women less than 28 weeks are allowed to travel without pause. However, a doctor will need to make sure expectant mothers (if they are between 28 and 35 weeks pregnant) are fit enough to travel.

Not the first birth to occur mid-flight

This isn't the first time a woman gave birth mid-flight. Last December, a Southwest Airlines flight to Orlando diverted to South Carolina because a child was born onboard. Medical personnel were on the flight and they assisted with the delivery. Shortly after the incident, a Southwest spokeswoman said emergency medical technicians were waiting on the ground when the flight landed.

They transported the parents and the child to a nearby hospital. A doctor was on the flight and he helped with the delivery.

The doctor, Bhasker Patel, said he was more than happy to help. He said sometimes things happen and you aren't sure why. He added that the incident was meant to be on the flight.

In that incident, the passengers remained on the flight for about an hour.

It then took off and made its way to Orlando, where it arrived an hour behind schedule. One passenger took a short video of the event, and in the video a baby can be heard crying. The passenger praised the flight crew, saying they did a great job.