Plane passengers who boarded united airlines for their flight out of Austin, Texas on Saturday were shocked at the weird behavior of their pilot. Some of the passengers who were en route to San Francisco were so frightened by the weird behavior of the pilot that they disembarked before takeoff

Passengers became frightened and some got off the plane

The San Francisco CBC News reported that the pilot was apparently going through a divorce and cited passengers on board as tweeting their concerns. They wrote that "About 20 passengers said they didn’t feel safe with her in the cockpit and got off the plane."

Tweeting passengers exposed the weird pilot behavior

One passenger who tweeted his fears and has since made a media statement on his twitter account saying "My statement for media.

Like @taylorswift13, I'd like to be excluded from this narrative & post using Notes." Nevertheless, it was mainly his accounts of the scary ordeal that brought the incident to the attention of the media.

Pilot goes on weird rant about Trump and her divorce over PA system

The story seems to have arisen when the pilot first arrived on board the plane wearing civilian clothing and asked the passengers of they were "OK" with her flying like that, explaining that she is going through a divorce. She then went on a rant over the PA system about Donald Trump and Clinton, calling them "a-holes." and saying she did not vote for either of them. This was followed by a rant about her divorce proceedings and according to passenger Noel Portugal, that was when things "went downhill."

Shocked passengers got off the plane

Passengers became frightened by the weird behavior of their pilot on the plane and CBC News reported that about 20 of them got off the plane, while others started tweeting the airline to request a new pilot.

United Airlines acted quickly to sort out the situation

The pilot was removed from the plane and passengers seemed relieved that the new one was professional and once again the passenger tweeted, this time saying that the new pilot "apologized" and was "professional." While some passengers were frightened and shocked by the odd behavior, the sentiment seems to be that the poor woman needed some help and kudos to passenger Noel who tweeted in favor of United.

Concern for the pilot

CBC News reported that "United Airlines spokesman Charlie Hobart confirmed the pilot wasn’t in uniform when she boarded the plane. He said the delay lasted about two hours." He apologized to the passengers on the flight, but there is some concern for the pilot who was removed from the plane. One of the passengers posted on Twitter that he "really hopes she gets the help she probably needs."