Mark Zuckerberg, once wore the title of one of the youngest and richest men in the world. But today, the crown belongs to Evan Spiegel. Now, who exactly is this newly crowned billionaire? Well, Spiegel rose to prominence after he created his social platform; Snap Inc, which everyone knows as SnapChat.

The popular social network is a common place where teens hang out and socialized with others around the globe. Currently, basking in its new found glory, the company has now released its Spectacle glasses that can be seen on the faces of almost every teen who is familiar with the brand.

It's all about SnapChat's young billionaire

According to Forbes Magazine, Spiegel a self-made billionaire is valued at $2.1 billion dollars and holds the title of the world's youngest billionaire at the tender age of 26.

At a business conference held at Stanford University, he stated the fact that he rose from almost nothing to achieve his American dream. Recently, he boasted that he was young, successful, and white and just got really lucky in his endeavors. He also made reference that life isn't fair because it took many people a lifetime to create wealth, let alone succeed, but here he is at the very young age of 26, wearing the title of the world's youngest billionaire.

SnapChat offers the hottest IPO of 2017

The astute business magnate is about to take his company public; it is touted as one of the hottest IPO that will hit the stock markets in 2017. The public offering is hotly anticipated by shareholders who will be lining up to own a piece of the popular tech company. Notably, with the purchase of the company's shares, Snap Inc., value will rise significantly to $25 billion dollars.

However, other sources are declaring that it could rise a lot higher than the suggested multi-billion dollar amount.

Snap Inc., refused Mark Zuckerberg's offer

According to an article on, the once richest twenty-plus man in the world, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg tried to woo the company away from the young billionaire.

The article documented that Zuckerberg personally flew to the home of Spiegel, in Los Angeles, California. The private meeting also included his co-founder and SnapChat's chief technology officer; Bobby Murphy.

However, both tech gurus had already realized the future value of their company, which at that time had only 6 employees - They declined the offer made by the Facebook owner.

Today Snap Inc. is on its way to burgeon into one of the richest and most popular social media entity.