LuLaRoe is a clothing line that has a very large following. The consultants join the company with a $6,000 investment and open up their store on Facebook. The items are sold through Pop-Up Parties and album sales. Sometimes the consultants go live and show the items in real-time, as the viewers watch for the item they are looking for.

Is there a quality issue?

The growth of the company has led to outsourcing to Indonesia, China, and Vietnam. Many of the consumers claim the quality of the product has suffered with the outsourcing. There are now Facebook groups that discuss the failures of LuLaRoe.

Not only are the leggings known for getting holes in them, but the patterns are lined up in downright vulgar ways.

According to consultants

Now, if you listen to the consultants, you will be told that LuLaRoe has a 3% damage rate (most retail stores have a 3-5% damage rate). While this may be true, most consultants are not that great at taking back and exchanging damaged items. On the Facebook page of failures, there are constant new posts of consultants blocking the consumer that reports a problem to them.

According to Inquisitr, the consultants are facing many issues of their own. An ex-consultant speaks openly of her experience in selling LuLaRoe. She states that the company is not great at giving the consultant what they need to have a good mix of items in their at home stores.

They may place an order, but in the end they get what is shipped to them. When the consultant attempts to get help from the corporate office, they are left on hold, cut off, or if they are lucky enough to talk to someone, they are told to consider the blessings of others and the items will sell.

The consultant that authored the article on Inquisitr states that as she is leaving the business, she is stuck with a ton of inventory that is overpriced and wouldn't sell.

Many over-sized tee shirts of thin material. While it is difficult for consultants coming in now, she feels that the ones who got in at the beginning have a better chance. They have recruited many other consultants, and make money off of their sales as well, like a pyramid.