The latest news from North Korea is its successful testing of a submarine-launched ballistic missile. This weapon is described as a hard-to-track missile because of the adoption of advanced technologies. The North has continued to carry out testing of several weapons. This is despite the U.N. ban on the country to test ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. The submarine-based missile was on display at the recent defense exhibition held in Pyongyang last week. It was fired from the same submarine that was used in an earlier test in 2016. There is no mention of whether the leader of North Korea attended the latest test.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un held one-to-one meetings at various venues to reduce tension in the Korean Peninsula. They could not arrive at an acceptable solution.

Threats posed by ballistic missiles are more when compared to cruise missiles. This is because the former can carry more powerful payloads. Moreover, they have a more extended range and can fly faster. Recently a short-range projectile from the North created ripples in the Korean peninsula.

South Korea confirms the missile launch by the North

Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea confirms the launch of one missile from the port of Sinpo. This is the location of the submarine base of North Korea. The rocket landed in the Sea of Japan and traveled about 280 miles, attaining a maximum altitude of about 37 miles (60 Km).

In October 2019, Pyongyang conducted tests of a submarine-launched ballistic missile from an underwater platform. The official media KCNA said the launch angle was steep to minimize the "external threat." In case it followed the standard trajectory, it could have traversed a longer distance. It would have put all of South Korea and Japan within range.

An advantage of launching a missile from a submarine is the detection factor. The use of such a platform means North Korea can deploy its weapons far beyond the Korean Peninsula. In March 2020,the North launched its missiles off its east coast.

Intelligence chiefs of the U.S. and its allies to discuss North Korea

The latest launch of the North comes even as the South is developing its own weapons.

This combination could lead to an arms race on the Korean peninsula. Seoul has plans of a defense exhibition this week. There could be display of a new fighter jet and guided weapons like missiles. Seoul wants to launch its own space rocket soon. Intelligence chiefs of the U.S. and its allies South Korea and Japan, will discuss North Korea. One point could be the reopening of dialogue.

The U.N. Security Council will hold a closed-door meeting on North Korea

The action of the North regarding the launch of a submarine-based missile has worried the global community. Japan and South Korea confirmed the incident. The U.N. Security Council will hold a closed-door meeting to discuss the issue. Under international law, there is a bar on North Korea from testing ballistic missiles.

An expert explains these missiles provide an opportunity to the North to circumvent the missile defenses of the United States and its allies, specifically South Korea and Japan. He adds that the submarines of the North are a weak link because they are outdated. Incidentally, Pyongyang agreed to reopen official communications with Seoul for the first time in months.