Forecasters have cautioned about heavy rainfall, flash floods and power cuts in the southern parts of England. The alert of the Met Office covers regions in the south-west, south and southeast parts. It might lead to floods in larger towns and cities. The prediction is for more than two inches of rain within the space of a few hours in some places. Floods are natural disasters and could affect homes and businesses. There are possibilities of damage to buildings with disruption of travel. This could be due to delays in service coupled with cancellation of train and bus services.

Moreover, travel by road might pose problems because of the closure of some of the roads. Another factor is the power cuts and loss of other services.

The Environment Agency issued a number of flood warnings and flood alerts in England. The warnings are against the backdrop of the approaching Storm Aurore that has France and England in its sight. London experienced flash floods in July that disturbed the lives of people and left many of them stranded.

Floods can take lives

Météo-France warns coastal areas will have to endure the effects of Storm Aurore. This will be a low-pressure system and it will translate into high winds to the north of France and south of England. In coastal areas, there could be gales with wind speeds of up to 45mph.

Those with marine interests would have to brave the high-speed winds in the English Channel. The storm will move through the English Channel. As a result, there are predictions of severe weather for France with impacts in southern regions of the UK. England could face heavy rainfall with associated discomforts like floods, roads blocks, stranded vehicles and people.

Floods are results of unusual weather patterns

The Met Office issued warning of "very heavy rain" across the South East and London. Forecasters talked about wet and windy weather that could bring "some disruption" to the region. Floods are results of unusual weather patterns and these are on the rise. That has been the experience in the recent past all over the world. Infrastructure take a severe beating, travel schedules go haywire and people lose their homes.