A senior health official in Pyongyang insists that Coronavirus has not affected North Korea. This is in spite of the fact that it shares its boundary with china, the birthplace of the disease. Moreover, the number of people infected all over the world has reached astronomical figures, as has the number of the dead. North Korea is isolated as such and nuclear power. Its ally China detected the virus in January 2020 and its neighbor North Korea sealed its borders and imposed strict measures to arrest the spread of the virus. These actions have paid rich dividends and it now claims to be a coronavirus free country.

The Guardian quotes Pak Myong Su, an official of the North saying - “Not one single person has been infected with the novel coronavirus in our country so far.” The official explained that the country took preventive measures on immediate priority and closed its borders and all entry points. These measures helped North Korea to ensure the containment of the disease. However, in the opinion of experts, the country has a weak healthcare system and the disease could wreak havoc on its people. They fear Pyongyang is trying to conceal facts.

General Robert Abrams, a military official of the US told a section of the media - “I can tell you that is an impossible claim based on all of the intel that we have seen.”

Timely action by North Korea might have paid off

General Robert Abrams went on to say that, North Korea kept its military under lockdown during February and March.

In fact, the country went all out to arrest the spread of the disease. China revealed the coronavirus in January and Pyongyang took timely action. That might have been the key to its success. However, President Donald Trump probably had reservations about the issue. He had sent a personal letter to Kim Jong-un. In the letter, he offered “cooperation in the anti-epidemic work.”

The Guardian mentions about other actions taken like quarantine.

North Korea had sent suspected people into quarantine. They included not only North Koreans but also foreigners, some of whom belonged to the diplomatic cadre. The country also intensified its disinfection drives. The state media jumped into action by advising its people to abide by the health directives. Incidentally, the international community had imposed sanctions on North Korea because of its nuclear programs. Therefore, it sought virus-related aid and Russia, an ally of the North, sent across a limited number of diagnostic test kits. The UN also granted an exemption to sanctions for certain items. That would allow relief groups to extend assistance on humanitarian grounds.

Unraveling the secrets of North Korea

According to Al Jazeera, North Korea claims it is free of coronavirus. This is strange when the infection has gone global with reports of deaths. Officials in Pyongyang attribute its success to the prompt action it took at various levels. In the opinion of experts, the medical system in the country is weak which makes it vulnerable to coronavirus. Moreover, there are international sanctions imposed on it, with a corresponding shortage of food. The United Nations paints a grim picture of the level of undernourishment. It seems Kim Jong-un had sent a personal letter to South Korean President Moon Jae-in. In all probability, the leader of the North wanted to break the diplomatic silence.

North Korea can take credit for fighting off coronavirus

The regime of Kim Jong-un believes in secrecy and it is difficult for an outsider to know details of life in the hermit kingdom. One has to accept its statements at face value. It claims to be free from the dangers of coronavirus, a highly contagious disease that has devastated the world. Obviously, the prompt actions it took in the early stages helped.