An attack by a suicide car bomber targeted government forces in Afghanistan. Officials have described it as one of the deadliest in recent times. It happened on the outskirts of Ghazni city. There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the attack, as AP reports. However, it follows the will of Afghan government representatives and the Taliban to talk in Qatar for the first time to finish the country's long war that lasted for a decade. At present, the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban are engaged in peace talks, but there appears to be no letup in violence.

In the opinion of officials, attacks of this nature could jeopardize the peace process. The Ghazni hospital revealed to a section of the media that the bodies brought in were of security personnel.

Daily Mail UK says a spokesman of the interior ministry said a suicide bomber had carried out the attack. There were explosives in the vehicle. The attacker penetrated the base, located in a mountainous region, with the vehicle and detonated them. The authorities shifted the dead and wounded to hospitals and removed the debris of the explosion from the attack scene. Mystery surrounds the identity of those responsible for this suicide bombing. No group has so far owned up to the ghastly incident. The Taliban have refrained from commenting on recent deadly strikes.

This is probably because of the peace talks that have already started.

Withdrawal of US Troops from Afghanistan

The primary targets of the Taliban were government forces in rural areas. Withdrawal of American forces is on the cards based on a separate deal with Washington. A tentative time frame has already been set, and the Pentagon has indicated plans to withdraw some troops progressively from the country.

An official associated with the overall peace process in Afghanistan admits that terrorist attacks of this nature would not help establish peace. In November 2019, Donald Trump made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan to share Thanksgiving with US troops.

Peace in Afghanistan is a priority

A security analyst in Afghanistan feels the Ghazni attack's objective could be an effort to pressurize and force the hands of the government.

Those who are behind these attacks want to pass on a message that they can strike well-protected bases. Daily Mail UK makes a mention of what US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said. He had met negotiators from both sides when he paid a visit to Doha. At the time he talked about "expedited discussions." Incidentally, the capital Kabul also witnessed a surge in violence. The loss of innocent lives is a matter of concern for the authorities, especially when there is no clarity on who engineered these attacks. In August 2019, a suicide bomber killed at least 63 persons at a wedding in Afghanistan.

Suicide bomber strikes again in Afghanistan

According to Al Jazeera, a suicide bomber targeted an army commando base in eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan.

The attacker drove a military vehicle full of explosives into the base and exploded it killing many soldiers. When contacted by a media outlet, a spokesman of the Taliban did not confirm or deny responsibility. The country witnessed several car bombings over the last few months even as peace talks are on between the Kabul government and Qatar's Taliban. This is the first time the two sides engaged in face-to-face talks to bring peace to the region and end the decades-long war. As far back as May 2018, America was in a dilemma about Afghanistan, and it has not changed much.