According to Worldometers, France is ranked 5th in the world for COVID-19 cases. Because of the healthcare crisis plaguing the European nation, a documentary titled "Hold Up" has been seen over 2 million times. The film's premise suggests this pandemic was orchestrated and planned as the 'Great Reset' theory.

What is behind the 'Great Reset' theory? It means that a group of powerful leaders and influential personalities (from finance and business) created the scenario to create a new world order. In other words, to take control of the global economy.

The conspiracy theory does not stop there. As reported by the BBC, the theory has its origins in theory formulated by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Origins of the documentary 'Hold Up' and rise to popularity

The documentary launched on November on 11th and has been viewed more than 2.5 million times. As reported by France24, the film has circulated on prominent social media sites like Snapchat messaging app, YouTube, and Instagram.

The film, Hold Up, is nearly three hours long. How did it become part of the national conversation in France? The documentary started through a crowd-funding campaign and directed by former Journalist Pierre Barnérias. Barnérias features numerous interviews and well-known personalities that include former health minister Philippe Douste-Blazy.

The French documentary has been linked to an English-language conspiracy video. In other words, it has been coined as the "plandemic." The YouTube video released earlier this year claimed the UK government through a new law power to enforce vaccinations.

How the film gained momentum and prominence

The documentary can capitalize on failings and ineffective global responses to the health crisis.

This is largely due that a second COVID-19 wave has led to the second lockdown in France. When is the end to the lockdown remains to be seen?

Sylvain Delouvée, the social psychology researcher at the University of Rennes, said the success could be attributed to a "polished" format. He went on to add "Hold Up" is a documentary but not journalism.

Also, how it evokes investigative documentaries, suspenseful background music, and back-to-back interviews with experts.


A considering number of news agencies in France and abroad have condemned it. 'Hold Up' has spread this idea of a global conspiracy and that the virus was created in a laboratory in the city of Wuhan, China, which is not proven or true.