Coronavirus led to Travel restrictions between Australia and New Zealand. There are indications that the restrictions might ease because of a reduction in infection. Prime Minister of Victoria, Australia, confirmed this to his counterpart in New Zealand. As per the report of News AU. He said, "That is direct flights into Tullamarine from New Zealand so that New Zealanders will be able to travel directly to Melbourne and throughout Victoria." He added that quarantine requirements would not apply to those who arrive in Melbourne from New Zealand.

He clarified that new Zealanders could avail of direct flights into Melbourne, given a drop in the number of cases. The news has come as a shot in the arm for the travel industry languishing under the weight of restrictions. Airlines have welcomed the announcement since it would benefit those who want to travel directly to Melbourne and Victoria. This is undoubtedly good news for travelers who cannot commute because of the coronavirus and the need to adhere to strict guidelines to ensure overall safety. It is contagious, and there is no known vaccine. Hence no one wants to take any chance. The logic is – better to be safe than sorry.

News AU says, on October 16, the travel bubble opened. Ever since then, Qantas has been operating a minimal Tasman schedule to cater to the people's needs.

The airline would continue to monitor the situation.

Infection numbers are very low in Australia

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews of Victoria, Australia, says the infection numbers are on the lower side. This is in comparison to other parts of the world where coronavirus is out of control, and the authorities are struggling to come to terms with it.

The prime minister feels that it is necessary to reboot hotel quarantine on priority in view of the changed scenario. This would depend on the interim report of the Board of Inquiry and set the future pace. In November 2019, Australia was in the grip of wildfires, and NSW and Queensland had to impose a state of emergency.

News AU goes on to add the observations of the prime minister.

He says - "The likelihood of people wanting to return into our country, and returning with the virus, is obviously higher than it's ever been." He knows that it would be a challenging task for all concerned. Incidentally, Victoria has permitted entry of a limited number of people since late June. That is when the hotel quarantine inquiry was announced. They were mostly health and maritime workers who had travel exemptions. Incidentally, the virus situation in Victoria reveals positive signs. There were no fresh cases of the virus for seven days at a stretch.

People of Australia stuck abroad could return soon

According to SBS AU, the stoppage of international flights to Melbourne was due to the second wave of COVID-19 cases in the state.

However, the situation is better with case numbers under control. Therefore, Victoria could see the resumption of international flights. That would be a relief for Australians who are stuck abroad and are unable to return home. It is a long queue of Australian citizens and permanent residents. They are waiting for the doors to open. In August 2019, Qantas disclosed plans for non-stop 19-hour flights from Sydney in Australia to London and New York.

They could be back in Australia for Christmas

Daniel Andrews says Victoria would help Australians stranded overseas to be home in time for Christmas. SBS AU quotes the prime minister saying flights to Melbourne could happen by the end of November, subject to clearance of some formalities. He agrees the families should be together during the festivities, and the government has to accord priority.