Those who love the outdoors will welcome the decision of Disney Parks to reopen all its outlets in Asian countries. People love to relax and make a beeline for parks to relieve tension. They love to be in the midst of nature and enjoy the fresh air instead of being cooped up in their houses. However, Coronavirus has forced them to remain indoors. They can now heave a sigh of relief with some theme parks taking the lead to reopening their attractions.

The Tokyo Disney Resort will begin to welcome visitors from July 1. There are two of them in the city.

These are Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Both had closed since late February because of the pandemic. Other parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong have reopened earlier. The former began from May 11 with mandatory adherence to safety measures like masks and social distancing. The latter followed suit after a month.

CNN says the owners of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea parks have introduced their own guidelines. They do not want to take any risk, but guarantee the safety of their guests and staff. These include advance booking of tickets to eliminate crowding at booking counters plus mandatory temperature checks.

Other routine protocols remain. The objective is to allow visitors to spend their time with the knowledge that they are in safe hands.

Reopening of Disney parks seen as a positive sign

The pandemic struck in February-March and spread like wildfire, irrespective of geographical boundaries. It has left a trail of death that is continuously on the rise and scientists are trying to develop a vaccine to arrest the infection.

One of the after-effects of this disease is the fear of crowded places. It has led to Travel restrictions because of the possibility of transmitting the infection.

The travel industry, movie industry, and the field of sports feel the impact with the aircraft on the tarmac, cinema halls closed and stadiums empty. Huge investments are involved in theme parks and the owners cannot afford to keep them idle for long periods.

Therefore, they have to evolve solutions to tackle unforeseen developments like the coronavirus.

CNN mentions about the changes introduced by Disney to its popular rides. An example is that of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They will be riding on floats in the parades, but will not be mingling with fans or posing for photos to avoid possible infection. Another innovation is the introduction of an enhanced air circulation system in indoor facilities along with frequent disinfections of equipment and rides. There will be a restriction on the total number of visitors allowed daily.

Disney plans to reopen all its parks by the middle of July.

America waits for Disney parks to open

According to People, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has indicated he would not interfere in the reopening of Walt Disney World. The Orlando theme park in Florida has planned it's phased reopening on July 11. The state had witnessed a spike in infections.

Disneyland in California had to postpone its reopening date from July 17 to a fresh date due to a delay in receipt of the official approval and guidelines. Regarding the delay in reopening the parks in California, Disney has explained the issue in a section of the media. It says - "The safety and well being of our cast members and guests are at the forefront of our planning.” It went on to add that the authorities are interacting with all concerned to work out a practical plan for phased reopening.

Disney Parks have their fans

The theme parks have a charm of their own. These attract people of all ages and they have expanded their reach. In March 2018, Google Street View added Disney parks to its list. However, coronavirus has dampened spirits all around. Even though reopening efforts are on, the earlier charm might be missing.