Disney theme parks are known as the happiest place on Earth and now you can enjoy the magic from the comfort of your own home. Google has introduced the ability for viewers to view 11 Disney theme and water parks on Street View. Google Street View has been a great tool to use when exploring new places. It allows you to see places in person without having to be there. Reports by CNet and Thrillist provided information used in this article.

With Disney being available on street view, people can virtually explore panoramic views of the parks. This concept now allows you to plan your trip ahead of time and know your surroundings before you even enter the park.

This concept allows everyone to feel like they are at the park without having to deal with large crowds. If you do not have the funds to experience the magic first hand, you are in luck because with the notion of street view, Disney Parks are now available to everyone.

Disney parks now a place for everyone

Many people of all ages hope and dream to one day visit any one of the 11 Disney parks. Now that dream has become a reality. Program manager at Street View, Deanna Yick stated that she wanted to provide users with fantastic views and what better views than Disney parks. Everyone deserves to enjoy the excitement of being at a Disney park. Disney is all about bringing out the child in everyone.

Not only do you get to see the rides and attractions, Google Street View gives you a look inside selected stores in Downtown Disney and Disney Springs.

If you are not a shopper, getting an exclusive look inside Disneyland's first brewery may be more up your alley. Later this year, Disney is opening up their first outdoor beer garden for those who are 21 and over. Whoever said Disney was just for kids obviously do not believe in the magic.

Joining many other notable places

Adding well-known places on street view is not something new for Google.

The company has included street views for many other notable places such as Mont Blanc, which is the highest peak of Western Europe. If hiking is not something you enjoy, but you want to see the view, Google Street View allows you to see the spectacular views from the world's highest peak Mount Everest and if you do not know how to swim you can also see many breathtaking underwater locations.

Disney parks, however, are among some of the most visited places and by adding it to Google Street View it allows even more people to see it. Whether you are using street view to plan your next family vacation or to cure your curiosity of the hype around these parks, Google Street View just made your life a little easier. Allow your inner child to shine and visit any one of the 11 Disney parks virtually today!