This was the 75th anniversary of Victory Day for World War II that ended Nazi Germany's rule in Europe. It should have been a grand spectacle to display its military might. However, russia had to do away with the frills and scale down the celebrations because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis. It has more than 200,000 confirmed infections with the numbers rising regularly. The celebrations finally came down to a display of fireworks over the capital as night fell.

President Vladimir Putin gave a speech at a war memorial outside the Kremlin walls.

He preferred to remain silent on the issue of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, he mentioned about the sacrifices of the Soviet era. In his words – “our veterans fought for life, against death. And we will always be equal to their unity and endurance. We know and firmly believe that we are invincible when we stand together.”

The Daily Mail UK goes on to add that Ukraine was a member of the former bloc. It too scaled back its Victory Day celebrations. The air was heavy with the smell of disinfectants and the veterans who were present at the war memorials wore face masks and laid wreaths to honor their companions who they had fought with.

Russia and other eastern European nations usually celebrate the event a day later compared to their Western European counterparts.

Victory Day in Russia and World War II

The Daily Mail UK mentions Russian President Putin who decided to postpone the highlight of Victory Day celebrations. This is usually a massive parade on Red Square to display the sophisticated military hardware in its arsenal.

However, the surge in coronavirus cases compelled Russia to go in for a more sober event where President Putin laid flowers at the Eternal Flame war memorial outside the Kremlin walls and delivered a speech.

According to Big News Network, Russia postponed the traditional parade of ground troops and military equipment on Red Square.

It was for the first time since 1995 when May 9 was declared a national holiday. President Vladimir Putin, in his speech, promised to hold a "broad and solemn" celebration after the pandemic ends.

The current year 2020 happens to be the 75th anniversary of the Soviet victory against the Nazis in World War II. The legal document that marked the end of Nazi Germany was signed and became effective on the night of May 8, 1945, Berlin time. By that time, it was already the early hours of May 9 Moscow time. It brought to an end the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union and was an integral part of World War II that raged from 1939 to 1945. On a rough estimate, it took a heavy toll on millions of people belonging to the Soviet Union.

Incidentally, World War II brought back memories of veterans who remembered the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Take of Belarus on World War II and Victory Day

The Nazi rule in Germany was a sort of binding force that brought together different countries. The Daily Mail UK says Belarus, formerly a part of the Soviet Union, held parades where a section of the troops marched in front of large crowds in the capital Minsk. President Alexander Lukashenko said he held the parade because “the eyes of those Soviet soldiers who perished for our freedom are watching.” It seems there was an impressive turn out of World War II veterans of Belarus. They participated in a church ceremony in Minsk to mark the 75th anniversary of the allied victory over Nazi Germany.

Many of them did not wear facemasks.

Incidentally, Belarus has overruled the recommendations from the World Health Organization WHO and not imposed a lockdown or restricted public events. The president has taken full responsibility by saying – “we chose our own path, and I'm convinced today that we did the right thing.” He has been in control since 1994 and was against Travel bans and border closures. Last year, Polish and Russian leaders clashed on the history of World War II.