Recently, there was plenty of speculation on the health of Kim Jong-un, the leader of north korea. Later, he reappeared at a public program on May 1 to inaugurate a fertilizer factory. He looked to be in the best of health, and the rumors died down. North Korea is a nuclear state, and the health of its leader is always important to not only his country but to the whole world. It seems Kim has now made a few top-level changes in his security setup. Reasons for ringing in such changes will always remain a secret to outsiders, but the leader knows what is best for him and his country.

He has to prevail upon the United States to ease sanctions because they are hurting the economy. Kim might have to redraw his strategies for which he has gone in for inducting new blood.

Daily Mail UK says one of the actions Kim took was to replace the head of the country's spy agency who happened to be responsible for providing security for the leader. Sources in South Korea confirm the appointment of Rim Kwang Il, a Lieutenant General in the North Korean army, as the head of the country's Reconnaissance General Bureau. Unification Ministry of South Korea says the promotion of Rim to head the RGB was in December last year. Another change was that of Kwak Chang Sik. He is now in charge of Kim's Supreme Guard, and some view his rise as a meteoritic one.

It is safe to presume that Kim wants a new look security system.

Kim Jong-un wants closest aides in senior positions

The leader of North Korea is probably the youngest world leader who owns an impressive arsenal of nuclear weapons. Recently, there was news in the media related to his health. Those are now history South Korean officials suggested that his sudden absence from the capital Pyongyang was to ensure safety from any coronavirus attack.

As to the changes in his security, it seems he would like to have trustworthy individuals in senior positions. Hence, his exercise in reorganizing the security apparatus. The RGB is the country's premier spy agency, and it might have engineered various spy-related activities against South Korea, Japan, and the United States.

In the opinion of Seoul, the RGB could have been involved in the torpedoing of a South Korean naval vessel that killed many sailors.

Daily Mail UK concludes that the moves initiated by Kim Jong-un are to tighten his grip on power in the country. He has undertaken similar exercises to induct his closest aides to senior positions. Incidentally, Hyon Song Wol is a surprise entrant. She used to be close to Kim and is now a senior adviser. She could become the new face in the propaganda department. She has experience of being the lead singer of an all-female band that was associated with the propaganda group of North Korea.

That could have been a plus point in her favor.

Wonsan villa, the retreat of Kim Jong-un

According to The Sun UK, Kim Jong-un appears to have come back to Wonsan villa after opening a fertilizer factory in Sunchon on May 1. This is because one more luxury boat has appeared in Wonsan villa. These leisure boats are equipped with pools and luxury lounge facilities. Given the secretive nature of the country, observers rely on satellite images to keep track of developments in the hermit kingdom. These images tend to reveal some of the boats are undergoing repairs.

The luxury boats are an indication of Kim's preference for a better quality of life.

Donald Trump has a special place for Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un holds the President of the United States in high esteem. This is because of the initiative that Donald Trump took to break the barriers and win over Kim Jong-un. Trump tried to forge a path for peace in the Korean peninsula. The two leaders met more than once, but a solution has not yet emerged. Right now, coronavirus is a significant hindrance because it has thrown the whole world into utter disarray