Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is emerging as the most likely presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. There was a mix of many candidates. Some of them were well versed in the field of politics, while others were newcomers. Bernie Sanders claimed the Nevada caucuses and is currently the frontrunner in the race to the White House. After the win, he opened up briefly about his foreign policy related to North Korea. He is aware of the importance of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. One of the points he wants to pursue, if elected president, is to have a meeting with Kim Jong-un.

In the past, he has praised Donald Trump for the meetings he had with the leader of North Korea but has also criticized his foreign policy.

CNN quotes Bernie Sanders as saying: "Meeting with people who are antagonistic is, to me, not a bad thing to do." He said this during an interview with a section of the media on the subject of a meeting with the North Korean leader. Sanders described the meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un as a photo opportunity.

The two leaders had met thrice at different venues but could not evolve a solution to the all-important issue of denuclearization. During the interview, Sanders said, "I think, unfortunately, (President Donald) Trump went into that meeting unprepared.”

Bernie Sanders is cautious about military action

One thing Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has on his mind is unnecessary military action.

He has always been against military action. His argument is that direct action should come as a last resort. Incidentally, a recent military strike by the United States had killed a top Iranian general. Sanders had tried to freeze funding any military action unless approved by Congress.

CNN talks about other aspects of the involvement of the military.

In the interview, Sanders made mention of conditions where the use of the military would be justified. One of these was if there were threats to Americans and allies of the United States anywhere in the world. The interviewer wanted to know about the type of action he would take if China took military action against Taiwan. To this, Sanders replied, saying that he would decide the strategy in coordination with other countries. He summed up his views by saying, "I mean, I think we have got to make it clear to countries around the world that we will not sit by and allow invasions to take place, absolutely."

North Korea in the agenda of Bernie Sanders

According to IB Times, Bernie Sanders has expressed his willingness to meet the North Korean leader, if elected president.

He realizes that he must win over North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-un to prove his leadership qualities on the global forum. It would be useful if he does become the president of the United States. The Former Vice President Joe Biden, another contender of the Democratic Party, holds a diametrically opposite view on the hermit kingdom. Pete Buttigieg, also of the same party said the meetings between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un gave “legitimacy” to a rogue state. The two leaders met more than once over the past two years and Trump tried to convince Kim to agree to denuclearization in exchange for reduced sanctions. However, the issue remains unresolved.

Bernie Sanders could befriend Kim Jong-un

The president 2020 race to the White House is generating a lot of interest. Bernie Sanders continues to inch ahead in the Democratic Party race. He says that if he does succeed in unseating Donald Trump, he will make it a point to meet Kim Jong-un. Sanders wants an end to the tense situation in the Korean peninsula. His obvious worry is the nuclear-armed state that has threatened the United States in the past. There was a time during Trump's regime when the North had identified specific American targets and there were possibilities of a confrontation. Later, the relationship between the two leaders improved.