The outbreak of Coronavirus has forced the world to make all-out efforts to not just control the health hazard but also ensure the safety of its people. It originated in china and the death toll from coronavirus continues to rise. Countries have arranged the evacuation of their citizens who are in China for some reason or the other and North Korea has taken action. It is an isolated nation, most of its visitors are from China and Russia, and they will have to remain quarantined in special facilities for a month for medical observation. In view of the global implications of this new threat, the country has taken action to ensure that it does not go beyond control.

The Diplomat says authorities realize the seriousness of this issue. The big news is the decision of North Korea to control its border for newcomers from foreign countries. They will have to spend one month in quarantine for medical observation. This is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The location of these isolation facilities will be in close proximity to international-class hotels near the customs office. It is an unprecedented move and North Korea has announced specific names of the hotels.

In addition to these moves, it has taken other actions like canceling flights between Pyongyang and Beijing and imposing a ban on the entry of Chinese tourists. It has also banned foreigners from traveling to China, which is understandable because of close bonds between the two countries.

Pyongyang tries to raise awareness on coronavirus

The Russian Embassy in Pyongyang took to social media to pass on the message from the Foreign Ministry of the North. The message said quarantine would be applicable to all foreigners who would be traveling from China or Russia to North Korea.

Simultaneously, state media outlets are trying to raise awareness on coronavirus and educating the public about different aspects of this attack. These include ways to prevent the virus from spreading, check for symptoms, and obtain treatment. All of these are important for the well-being of the people.

The Diplomat provides a few details. It quotes the state-run Korean Central Television as saying the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. It leads to respiratory complications, pneumonia, with possible kidney failure and death. Preventive measures are to wear a mask coupled with frequent washing of hands etcetera. It is necessary to maintain physical hygiene. The report also warns about properly cooked foods.

Obviously, there has to be a proper medical infrastructure, which is lacking outside Pyongyang. These are the findings of a study conducted by South Korea’s Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs in July last year.

Coronavirus forces cancellation of travel plans

According to Young Pioneer Tours, North Korea has closed its borders due to the discovery of coronavirus strain in central China. Consequently, it has affected the Travel plans for the Spring Festival. They had to either cancel them or go in for alternate arrangements. The country has closed its borders to tourists in the past because it does not want to take chances. It happened in the case of SARS during 2003 and Ebola in 2014.

The reopening of borders would depend on how soon China and the world can find a cure.

Threats of coronavirus puts the world on edge

The origin of coronavirus is in China and it has assumed global proportions. There are outsiders who live and work in China apart from students who study there and even tourists who have come on holiday. Respective countries have evacuated many of them but there is no letup in the death toll from coronavirus in China. Since it is infectious, the authorities have to ensure that it is not transmitted to healthy persons once someone returns from China.